Mobile phone magic: palm on “little scam”


envy the magician those amazing performances? Still struggling with those peculiar magic phenomenon is what happens? Do you also want to be a magician that kind of person, to the people around you show those amazing magic? Have such a curiosity you points come in and see!

although we very few ever like juggling Penn and Teller sensitivity, or as flexible as David Blaine, but most of the we already have a can perform the impressive magic tools: smart phones. The installation of the appropriate application and a series of exercises, your smartphone can let you learn the classic magic can even let you learn some new magic of the 21st century.

according to the design of IForce Rostami magic applications, the iOS and Android platform were priced at $3, demonstrates some of the best magic principle to us is the most simple. Some of the magic is just some chatter of discourse, pretend to cover the screen gently and made up an interesting story IForce can let some people mistakenly believe that you have supernatural powers.

step is simple: you asked you to perform magic tricks that personal thought something, then you pretend to guess the answer to his heart, finally in prearranged situation to show them your answer.

IForce the main interface is similar to a simple drawing application, the man you to perform magic tricks you paint a rough sketch to confuse them believe you. In order to achieve the result of magic, you make them think about something, such as to a Numbers from one to four, pretending to be written down on the screen. Then you put your phone face down on the table, ask them just to think about Numbers, and then pick up your phone to show them your correct “write” they thought.

this magic is how do you put your mobile phone. The application using your mobile phone sensors to perceive how are you doing over the upward (such as from the right turn or upward from the left), and with your actions of different display Numbers is not the same. If you are talking to your show and proficient in turn your mobile phone, the man talking to you will be fool to, even if only once and the people so far have not seen this article.

this interface design allows you to easily reach you. You can “guess” in the heart a number, the amount of food, including the world or predict the result of throwing COINS is positive or negative. You flip through a certain way and a certain speed your cell phone to choose the right answer to each of the different problems. It takes practice, but also is amazing.

ISensorMagic is priced at $1 on the iOS platform, he can achieve similar functionality, but only have a logo. It is limited, but for a laugh or two magic effect is good.

if you have to learn some more interested in classical Magic practices, I recommend the choice is Magic Tricks Pro. It on iOS and Android platform is free, but you need to pay some other additional fees.

Magic Tricks Pro provides a long list of an ordinary card card Magic and that you might see in the close shot footage of coin Magic magician performing list. You know from the complexity of magic, and there are video demonstrates these magic to us.

in the first paragraph of the video, you see how the magic performance; The second section of the video to teach you how to perform these magic, including what you need to learn skills, such as how to accurately hold your props.

with the help of the video presentation, only need 5 minutes of practice, I can be on the table I perform magic tricks.

this application simple and clear, and the video is effective teaching tool. But not all the magic is surprised, so you have to pay $3 for each video about to watch more video. It may be more expensive.

the Card Magic fans may prefer free Android applications by Montysmagic Magic Card Tricks. And like Magic Tricks Pro, this application will also teach you some in the close shot under the lens of performance practices, concentrated expression in card Magic. But in addition to these video teaching, they also have some text and a large number of illustrations.


these illustrations is very good, but I found from the video learning easier. You may have a different experience.

for close-up Magic, Magic card need to use your mobile phone, looks and Mikael Montier design of Magic Trick# 1 it’s not a big change, on the iOS and Android priced at $1 and $2 respectively, this is another “guess card number” of Magic, but the principle is the need for friction Magic your phone’s screen to find the correct Numbers.

you don’t need a lot of practice and memory, if you are almost as video teaching do you actually look performing magic effect is very good. I won’t tell you how it works, but you’ll fall in love with its simple operation.

the producer of the application in the Google market and apple application market have other applications, all applications with similar good-looking appearance design.

remember first condition is more practice.


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