Mobile Office can edit documents for free!

(/horse relief yi wen)

Microsoft formally announced today, mobile Office has “free” policy, which means that the version, iPhone, Android version of Office not only able to read the document, you can also let users enjoy the basic document editing function.

Microsoft just announced: the new upgraded iPhone independent Office application; New upgrade the version of Microsoft Office application; The Android tablet version of Office preview.

it is worth noting that Microsoft announced that all the above mobile Office will have a free, basic document editing functions.

in addition, Microsoft also promised will be officially launched next year is suitable for the 10 desktop touch screen version of the Office Windows.

analytic personage points out, Microsoft will own “cash cow” free free (mobile), actually will not cause what effect to the revenue Office, because has created more than 90% of the Office revenue source is still need to pay to use enterprise users.

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