Mobile money not only, the game career into SONY only hope fortunes turned

SONY through virtual reality helmet manufacturing PS4 to attract those potential players, to strengthen the company’s power game department. Facing due to heavy losses of mobile business’s share price fell sharply, SONY is positive thinking strategies, plans to better its games division into entertainment service center.

the CEO of SONY’s games division, Andrew, “House said in an interview last week, their department has been in talks with a number of potential partners, the plan at the end of the year to launch Internet TV service in the United States. SONY has also revealed some of their cooperation and Viacom company details, roughly as they can provide customers with more than 20 television channels, including MTV and Nickelodeon channel. House at a Tokyo game show that SONY also plans to develop a can be used on the smart devices such as mobile phones, tablet of streaming media video game service, and support the game is not only a SONY developed by our company. “Support streaming mode requires large channels, means that we need to take a variety of methods, not distinguish to the manufacturer.”

since last November announced the release, sells for $399 in the PS4 console has become the fastest selling game in the history of SONY, sold in the nine months later, PS4 has sold 10 million units, far more than its rivals Microsoft and nintendo product sales of the same period. Analysts at bank of America merrill lynch Eiichi Katayama, once said: “SONY has the game market into the potential of its exclusive territory.”

but compared to the ambitious development games division, SONY mobile business is worrisome, while the core of the business has been the company development, but over the years a lot of problems. Recently, SONY announced in this fiscal year is expected to have 230 billion yen ($2.12 billion) in losses, this is mainly influenced by far below expectations of smartphone business. It is understood that after the news of SONY’s stock exchange in Tokyo on Thursday showed a plunge of 8.6%. Deutsche securities analyst Yasuo Nakane it as “shocked” think the matter, he felt that additional cuts may be necessary, and points out that in the note to investors “SONY sales company headquarters and the morphology, size and organizational structure should be a thorough adjustment, so as to cope with its core business of shrinking.”

SONY announced in July when they have a little profit in the second quarter, many analysts by surprise, thanks to its games division. But smartphone business is still at a loss, and the contribution to profits and film production department and financial department.

analysts said the PS4 weakened the third-party developers to design the difficulty of the game, this means that the consumers will get more extensive choice. In addition, SONY also free open to third-party developers of the game software development, hoping to attract more games.

in Makuhari lasted four days at the international exhibition centre of the video game show, people will focus on SONY’s virtual reality helmet, the helmet was named Morpheus. And other similar helmet, can let a player overwhelmed Morpheus, the helmet also configured the 3 d stereo, can from above and below the rear and voice. And touching the motion sensor let users have can have more than one direction interaction of the senses, they feel even to stand in front of the dinosaur dialogue and feeding.

virtual reality helmet leading is the hardcore gamers, but is in charge of the whole project Shuhei Yoshida hope I can bring to the players “unprecedented new experience”. For example, he said with the headset for instance music lovers can feel like personally went to the concert.

although games division denies Mr House caused by the failure of the smartphone business their department’s strategic plan to change, but when he admitted to hand in the final data is full of pressure. “SONY as a member of the senior managers, I am very much concerned about the development of the company, now I want to focus on promoting a strong and can bring profit the health of the environment, the company that can help SONY’s overall development is my ultimate goal.”

SONY hopes to use the software to poor performance of the intelligent mobile phone business. Recently held in Berlin fair, SONY said its latest smartphone Xperia Z3 will allow users to WiFi network remote PS4 operation of the game.

but Katayama PS4 to what extent on reverse SONY’s destiny to be cautious. He said: “the game will no doubt become a stable source of profit, but for SONY this income diversification, with only the game support such a large enterprise must be wrong.”

Source: WSJ

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