Mobile Internet income of $700 billion, what are the driving force behind?

in the past 12 months, the mobile Internet gained great progress, involving multiple industry sectors each of them to create the high grades. What is the power of development, which better prospects for development, which highest return on investment in the field of… Is Tim Merel digi-capital’s chairman, then let us listen to his analysis.

related to mobile Internet data are big Numbers. By 2017, mobile Internet income up to $700 billion, which is more than three times the revenue last year. In the past 12 months, the mobile Internet invest up to $19 billion, capital out of $94 billion, the average industry profits is 15.6 times of the total amount of investment for the past three years, up 78% return on public trading and 32 market value of more than $1 billion in mobile Internet companies.

clear driving force behind such large Numbers for entrepreneurs, investors and companies is important, let us to dig up among them.

1.2017 earn up to $700 billion a year, is more than three times of last year’s income

digi-capital predicted the mobile Internet in 2017 annual income of $700 billion, which is more than three times the annual income of 200 billion dollars last year. Mobile e-commerce to $500 billion in sales. Several other high-income areas were $74 billion in consumer applications, a $53 billion enterprise mobile industry $42 billion, $42 billion in mobile advertising and wearable hardware.

in the 21st century is the century of Asia, the development of mobile e-commerce in Asia it is not surprising that the largest region, Asia’s mobile e-commerce to $230 billion account for almost half of the global transactions. The United States ($144 billion) and Europe ($113 billion) in the market maintained a substantial increase, but alibaba rose from less than 10% of last year accounted for 42.9% of the mobile sales, according to the power of Asia today.

consumer applications to will receive more than $70 billion in annual revenue in 2017, its growth will exceed the dominant mobile game market. Although only 40% of the downloads, but mobile games last year’s annual income accounted for three-quarters of the total, all mobile application to other types of applications (such as social applications Facebook’s revenue growth that all contributions to the mobile Internet revenues) will occupy the market in 2017, half the sky.

as the program inside buy show excellent performance in terms of game design, application as a service business model began to show great potential for development in the industry.

2 . Break a $19.2 billion investment over the past 12 months record

by the end of the third quarter of 2013, in the past 12 months, the mobile Internet start-ups record-breaking raised $19.2 billion in private investment (not including IPO). The big for mobile electronic commerce ($4.2 billion), travel/transport ($3.3 billion), utilities ($1.8 billion) and the game ($1.1 billion) in the industry, in addition, other 10 mobile Internet industry respectively raised more than $500 million capital (they are food and beverage industry, enterprise/B2B, social network, science and technology, advertising/marketing, communications, medical, photos and video, music, and ten financial industry).

3 . The exit to turn over seven times over the past 12 months, record $94 billion

by the end of the third quarter of 2014, in the past 12 months, the mobile Internet investment exit (trade and investment/M& 6 times and IPO), A record $94 billion. Facebook/WhatsApp large trade and investment have caused a big stir, but hot IPO market occupies all out of 39% of the total (not WhatsApp, IPO has accounted for 50%).

there are five industries generate more than $5 billion out of the forehead, they respectively are communication (a total of $25.9 billion, removing the WhatsApp is us $4 billion), games ($18 billion), social network ($17.7 billion), diet ($7.7 billion) and lifestyle ($5.1 billion) in the industry. Another nine industry’s total revenue of more than $1 billion, they respectively are utilities ($3.3 billion), music ($3.1 billion), enterprise mobile/B2B ($2.4 billion), financial ($2.3 billion), advertising/marketing ($1.7 billion), travel/transport ($1.3 billion), photo and video ($1.2 billion), navigation ($1 billion) and mobile e-commerce ($1 billion) in the industry.

4 . Early returns as high as 15.6 times

billions of dollars of investment amount is really impressive, but the venture capital and private equity investors (and their supporters system) is more concerned with investment returns. Compared with their money, they pay more attention to investment returns.

early investors generally for three consecutive years mobile Internet, by the end of the third quarter of 2014, the average of the three years before the return on investment is 3.5 times. Over the past three years all 27 of the mobile Internet industry investment cash now has paid off, that’s not enough to exciting? And venture capital/private equity benchmark, compared to less than 1.2 times, 3.5 times more perfect.

but average was not enough to show all the problems, some industry three years return ratio is higher, they are: navigation (15.6 times), communication (15.4 times, remove the WhatsApp is 15.4 times), social network (15 times), lifestyle (11.4 times), the game (9.9 times), application, market/sell (9.1 times), food (1.7 times), music (4.4 times) and entertainment (3.5 times). Although the mobile Internet investment time shorter than the general investment time within one year (most investors don’t withdraw), but it 12 months of divestment return for rapid growth to average 4.9 times, the individual rate of return is 36.9 times as high as the basic value of.

5. the public stock market returns as much as 78% over the past 12 months

institutional investors have a legitimate reason to believe that the mobile Internet, according to the index of digi-capital mobile Internet, 78 listed companies related to the Internet in the past 12 months the rate of return is 28% (and S& P500 rate of return is 20%). Other 15 private mobile Internet sector more substantial returns, they are: travel/transport (78%), social network (45%), navigation (43%), communication (40%), and the game industry (39%), more than all the returns on the mobile Internet (28%) and returns (27%), followed by technology.

however, not all industries have higher returns, such as life style (13%), diet (3%), enterprise/B2B (4%), music (5%), entertainment (23%), mobile e-commerce (43%), the app store (51%), advertising/marketing/distribution (56%) and public utilities have been (67%).

6.32 “$1 billion” mobile Internet companies, the total value of $163 billion

the industry average is considerable, and according to the number 1 billion yuan capital mobile Internet enterprise list analysis, 32 billions of dollars worth of the company in the third quarter of 2014 alone generated $11.4 billion in shareholder value. Every day is equivalent to the third quarter profit of $125 million, total value of $163 billion. There are household names, such as Twitter and WhatsApp, there is also a sign that you are not familiar with, such as Colopl and devoted to stranger (foreigners are not familiar with the stranger stranger).

note: devoted to devoted to IPO last week, is ranked above the message on the safety before the city.

the list companies, mobile Internet has a lot of business with but does not include mobile infrastructure (e.g., qualcomm), equipment (apple) or major, but a few mobile Internet business (WeChat). Valuation is derived from the mixture of the stock market, mergers and acquisitions and financing.

in addition to increasing the total value, there are many measures of rank. Daumkakao (composed of Daum and Kakao fusion) to $9.5 billion in assets become number 15, Mixi, Square, Tango and AirWatch followed suit. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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