Mobile game company Scopely won a $35 million investment

according to November 13 evening news of sina science and technology, mobile game company Scopely has received A $35 million investment in A round of funding, this round of financing by highland and Evolution Media Partners led.

Scopely has raised $8.5 million in 2012. In the latest round of funding, Andy Hunt highland Capital partners (Andy Hunt) and Evolution of Media Capital joint managing partner Rick Hess (Rick Hess) will become the Scopely board members.

Scopely CEO Walter, Della (Walter Driver) said that due to the recent issue of the new game such as “Disco Bees, as well as some older games, such as the Dice With Buddies” has a good stickiness, the past six months, Scopely annual revenue operation rate doubled.

Della said, surrounding the Dice games, such as Scopely cultivate good habits of users games, more than half of all active users per month to play games every day. But he also said that in 2015, the company plans to develop leads to longer session of the game, but the game is not necessarily more serious type.

he said: “this has nothing to do with the game of” seriousness “, and more with ‘the time to participate in one of the world. After you start the thousands of times, the game is better than start after dozens or hundreds of times to play?”

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