Mobile devices the red sea, Japan’s technology giants to outer space

this summer, Japan’s NEC has on the outskirts of Tokyo electric company expanding industrial park built a satellite manufacturing factory, the bunker in order to improve its double satellite manufacturing productivity. Myself since smartphones and semiconductor markets, NEC is trying to add more weight in the global aerospace industry; NEC, more than many other Japanese companies have similar ambition. Now, they’ll have to give his new career to find customers.

at the same time, the enterprise’s biggest customer, the Japanese government (Japan aerospace industry is about $3 billion in sales each year, more than 90% of them are from the Japanese government) are actively promote satellite manufacturers will sales scope to expand overseas.

therefore, of the house of the Japanese government for NEC nijmegen at factory set aside about $20 million in subsidies; And in addition to being able to resist earthquake, NEC satellite manufacturers have to simulate the space environment of high-tech space simulation cabin, cabinet seems to live up to the love of parents. Meanwhile, Mr Abe has also been gradually relax restrictions on exports for the Japanese military enterprise, which is part of the enterprise involved in the aerospace business.

the European research consultancy Euroconsult, research shows that during 2004 to 2013, the Japanese companies on the satellite manufacturing sales of about $5.4 billion. In the same period the total sales of about $75 billion from the United States, Russia and Western Europe’s figures were around $26 billion.

NEC since 1970 started playing for the Japanese government agency for satellite manufacturing work, and now the government commanded, NEC, you must work hard to expand overseas. NEC executives, aviation business related to 50 billion yen ($475 million) in the total sales, exports part accounts for roughly $45.7 million to $64.2 million.

, including manufacturing and satellite launch, Japan’s aerospace industry is developing gradually, and the high costs could is the biggest obstacle in the process.

tanegashima island from Japan launched a mitsubishi heavy industries within the launch base in the south of H – type IIA model rocket, the cost of the need to spend more than $100 million. Instead, by the American carmaker Tesla (Tesla Motors Inc.) executives Elon Musk invested to establish a new company, the U.S. space exploration technology company in their propaganda, said in its launch site in the United States, the launch of a standard size need to cost $60 million.

this, mitsubishi heavy industries of executives said they are trying to reduce costs, the company is developing a new type of rocket, success will be able to cut a third of the cost.

NEC also hope that the economies of scale associated with productivity gains can make its satellite business more cost competitive. Aviation systems division general manager Masaki Adachi said: “we in the whole satellite system components has been in the field of harvest, so we want to catch up in other fields, and we really are beginning to act. Will be finished before 2020 aviation divisions of the company’s expansion plans.”

this July, NEC announced that it will be for the government of Mexico navigation of earth observation satellites provide related technical support, but the specific financial details, there is no news.

the expansion of NEC makes it won eight satellites potential exports each year, second only to mitsubishi electric.

mitsubishi electric satellite export business has more than 10 years of history, but the aviation department general manager Yasunori Kamochi admitted that last year’s satellite business overseas sales still accounts for only 30% of the total sales of the department (85 billion yen). He said: “I am also very hope companies to expand overseas business, because the government has clearly won’t increase satellite procurement budget again.”

however, with the international commercial satellite operators leaders take business is no easy matter: the SES, international communication satellite organization (at), the European organization for communication satellite (Eutelsat) and communications satellites Holding Co., LTD (Telesat Holding Inc.), and so on, these companies from the United States and European manufacturers, such as the Boeing company (Boeing Co.), the United States grams sid Martin space systems company, Lockheed Martin Corp.,), France Airbus (Airbus Group) and the French Thales (Thales), has a long-term relations of cooperation.

to this, the Japanese government sector of economy, trade and industry (METI), deputy director of general office of aeronautics and astronautics Kentaro Oe admitted: “unlike auto manufacturing or electronics industry, Japan in the field of aerospace manufacturing competitiveness is not so strong.”

words though, mitsubishi electric in the field of communication, global positioning, and other commercial achievement on large satellite manufacturing is commendable. At the same time, its overseas trade objects also include as Singapore telecom company, telstra company Optus, and Turkish state communications satellite operator Turksat such large enterprises.

although with mitsubishi motors division out of the stuff, but as an independent company of mitsubishi heavy industries has a small achievement in the international market. With mitsubishi motors need not, mitsubishi heavy industries in the rockets’ manufacture and launch services, rather than a satellite. Since last year, satellite company Telesat Canada and from satellite company headquarters is located in Tokyo Japan order will follow; In 2012, cooperating with the Japan Aerospace exploration agency JAXA for south Korea Aerospace Research Institute (Chesapeake Aerospace Research Institute) launched a satellite.

resolved early in the ninety s fault after the rocket products, mitsubishi heavy industries model for H – type IIA and H – IIB rocket has set up a reliable brand image. It is crucial for the customer, after all, they want into orbit is not a balloon, but hundreds of millions of dollars worth of satellite. Although the industry has quite a few “veteran”, such as assembled aerospace and electronics companies, Banks and the French space agency of the Aryan space company Arianespace (SA), and has produced in Russia’s proton rocket international launch services company, but also in mitsubishi heavy industries as a rookie trying to used to reveal the high investment, high-cost determination to challenge themselves.

at present, mitsubishi heavy industries is to develop a new rocket, to link JAXA can claim that the product will be the original H – type IIA model rocket launch costs to cut at least a third; But new product launch time will early in 2020. As Japan aerospace industrial equipment manufacturers, on the other hand, ishikawa island sowing grinding heavy industry (IHI) partners, JAXA has developed a specially designed for lightweight design of small rockets payload Epsilon, and has set up a successful launch last year. JAXA executives say they hope to be able to in the future development of Epsilon commercial launch services.

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