Mobile business decline, samsung adhere to the development of autistic children rehabilitation applications

hunting cloud network reported on December 30

cloud network hunting note: science and technology make people’s lives better, this is, of course, also including the autistic children. Recently, samsung has developed a called “Look At Me Android applications, and hope to children with autism using it can better communicate with people.

in the past few years, the gift of science and technology education workers and parents of autistic children a tool they never think of. Mobile applications and games help autistic children learn communication skills, and virtual reality to teach them how to cope with different social situations. Many independent developers have developed such application, but with the increase of autistic children, some big companies also began to notice this neurological disorder.

recently developed autism tools co., LTD. Is a samsung, they just released Look At Me, claiming that Android applications can help autistic children better to make eye contact, and many people with autism cannot do.

this app in Google and lobby groups “lonely” announced MSSNG project released a few weeks later, the project aims to build the world’s largest autism gene sequencing information database of children and their family members, these data will be stored in the Google cloud platform, data can also be provided to those scientists conducting related research. (earlier, MSSING called lonely said ten thousand genetic engineering). Meanwhile, back in 2001, Microsoft began to provide behavior analysis service for employees’ children.

these initiatives do help technology company won a good reputation, at the same time, the initiative is also very important, because more and more people with autism, but the whole society’s understanding of them are still very few. For some families and schools, many treatment measures and service price is still high to let them off.

it by Bundag from Seoul national university hospital and the research and development of yonsei university psychology professor and doctor. The app through pictures, facial recognition technology, and a series of small game, to help autistic children to understand emotions and to communicate with others better. Before the product launch, the research and development on 20 children in the eight weeks of clinical test, the test shows that 60% of children tested has significant improvement on eye contact, more willing to communicate with others on the eye.


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