Mixpanel raised $65 million to build “forecast” engine

cloud network hunting note: Mixpanel is a data tracking and analysis company, allows developers to track various user actions, such as user browse the number of pages, an iPhone application analysis, Facebook application interaction, and the analysis of the Email, etc. Its founder Suhail Doshi have greater expectations for Mixpanel, do not hesitate to raise $65 million to build a team to achieve the “forecast” technology.

Suhail Doshi on their mobile phone and Internet analysis firm Mixpanel have lofty dreams, he has just raised $65 million from Andreessen Horowitz to realize this dream.

this round of financing, the startup valuations reached $865 million. Andreessen Horowitz’s investment shows its confidence in the data analysis in the future and confidence in the company founder and chairman of the board.

Andreessen Horowitz’s general partner Ben Horowitz said: “this is investment in Suhail, is also investing in Mixpanel.”

Mr Doshi, 26, under the company since 2012 has been to make a profit. Like Localytics, Upsight, Optimizely, Appboy and other competitors, Mixpanel collect and analyze the mouse click on a computer or other equipment, sliding screens, such as the Internet behavior, and translate this information into the available data is passed to the users to improve their products. This built company for five years now a month 34 billion user behavior analysis. The following is the development of its simple:

in October 2010, Mixpanel release email analysis tools;

in November 2010, Mixpanel allows developers to provide customers with real-time data analysis;

in January 2011, Mixpanel UI, month data volume increased by 40%;

in June 2011, Mixpanel Streams: real-time monitoring of user activity on your website;

in May 2012, Mixpanel Andreessen Horowitz brought $10.25 million in A round of funding.

but Mr Doshi also want to do better.

he said: “the next step in the analysis of data is the data to predict the future. I want to see the world is that people are no longer staring at those about what they did in the past or didn’t do what data to produce a product, but product change with what’s happening around us instant.”

he said, referring to the evolution of the Internet of things, it can only be linked to TV or car information, thanks to cheap embedded small transmitters, it will to clothing, furniture these “not speak” object information on the web.

Mr Doshi indicated that he will use B rounds of investment to improve the product, the data science into new markets, to buy a company and do fail.

he is going to build a large team specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning, number of employees in the next year will expand from 100 to 100 people (including new large teams).

he said: “if we can predict more things, the world will run more quickly and efficiently.”

his investors also believe that. Horowitz said: “one day we will get the correct action according to the data automatically, this is Mr Doshi’s goal, he will.”

Doshi says Mr Mixpanel don’t need the money at the moment. Before the company raised $12 million from investors, now it still have $22 million of assets in the bank, and continues to make a profit. Since no shortage of money, so why in raising funds for B? Because Mr Doshi want to startup “renewed risk”, and intends to give Andreessen Horowitz 7.5% returns in exchange for money, guidance and connections, this can yet be regarded as a single good business.

the company’s $12 million before A round of funding is about $10 million in investment of Andreessen Horowitz.

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