Mint App, an interesting slimming products

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preparation and reduce weight up, for the fat man, write their heart still warm. Mint, a slimming tools community again. Attracted the most attention is that it take the user’s contrast figure, PC mint net success stories of the channel, a variety of beauty, success reducing weight contrast effects that reduce weight to xiao yun impact is quite big.

mint technology for their positioning is: China’s leading online weight management operator. ‘s mint net, mobile phone application slimming food, mint mint love library, etc., all occupies a position in the field of domestic online weight loss. They give the data is truly frightening. More than 2000 users to select in mint net weight loss, as of May 2013 in total for the user to minus 126 million jins, wow, this don’t know the convert units, can a few laps around the earth.

tell hunting cloud network team, mint net current mint food library has collected more than 50000 kinds of common food in China. Quantitative food calories, let the user know, conducive to control diet. But in baidu gluttony also see users, used the mint net, now before they are allowed to eat food to compute the calories, severe patients complain about became slaves.


but to lose weight, after all, not only control the mouth, community interaction between users is very necessary, the application will regularly organize online activities let dieters involved, such as “I bet I’ll thin” and “lose weight in three months,” “declaration of weight loss, etc. Mint App currently has more than 260 users, experience, mint community activity is relatively high, women accounted for most users.

mint net PC online from 2007 has introduced a variety of ways of service demand to lose weight. Done professional consulting services online weight loss – SUPER NICE; There are professional network radio “mint radio” to lose weight. Circulation through electronic magazine “enjoy thin” thin body, etc.


recently, mint team involved in the diet custom is on October 16, pre-sale “mint acid milk powder, push the concept of light trucks. Will also launch a mint unplugged yogurt machine. Mint network will try to explore new mode in the direction of the diet food.

mint founder CEO Ma Haihua overseas investment manager for ping an asset management company. It is worth mentioning in mint net on the right track, Ma Haihua had rejected the company’s $ten million acquisition of a weight loss plan. Now mint technology B round has been completed, the investor for SIG + DCM + qualcomm, A wheel for morningside capital investment.

mint netCompany: Shanghai mint information technology co., LTD.

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