Million aerial drones announced by tens of millions of dollars. A round of funding

domestic drones startup million navigation founder Xiong Yi put to hunt cloud network validation, completed from GGV capital of $10 million in A round of funding, valuation turned 25 times in six months.

most remarkably, GGV capital managing partner Jenny Lee, a former fighter engineer, she said: “GGV bet $navigation ability, not only because its team of product technology and its future direction hard for popularization of aircraft. In addition to harvest from GGV capital investment, easy navigation has attracted investment from China angel investors xiao-ping xu and Yang Ning. In addition, PreAngel also injected navigation.

Xiong Yi put convective cloud network, according to a new round of funding will be mainly used for extension technology research and development team and the development of European and American market, and speeding up production.

in particular, extend the research mainly focus on research and development, the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) besides million navigation Ghost unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), there will be any product line arrangement, including product iteration, in the future will also be more unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology in the product; Other products in Europe and the size of the market depends on the development speed, next, because the proportion of European and American markets and domestic in and between 9:1, Europe and the United States market share more visible, so he hopes the million navigation can plunge into the deeper in the us market.

later, hunting cloud network put, the depth interview Xiong Yi refer readers to the follow-up report.

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