Millet was one of the world’s most innovative companies, ranking the tencent, huawei

the Boston consulting group has released it in this year’s annual report the most innovative companies in the world. This year, only three new companies in the top 50 in Saleforce, Hitachi and millet.

35, millet ranking ahead of huawei (no. 50) and tencent (no. 47), but behind lenovo. Compared with the rest of the world mobile phone maker, it is also behind the apple (rank 1), samsung (no. 3), SONY (10) and LG (no. 17).

if you doubt of the Boston consulting group report, so might as well take a look at the encyclopedia of the company introduction: BCG is a global management consulting firm, is the world’s leading business strategy consultancy, customers in all industries and regions. BCG in close cooperation with customers and help them identify the most valuable opportunities for development, the crucial challenge and help them to carry on the business transformation. The Boston consulting group, founded in 1963, and 74 offices in 42 countries around the world.

this survey make millet only one is new and innovative company ranked first. Only half of the company over the past year again appear in the list of the new company: WhatsApp, Square, ex and millet technology.

the Boston consulting group surveyed 1500 senior managers from the world’s leading companies to collect data. After all of respondents surveyed, they found that the executives of their own innovation ability lack enough confidence. But the rapid development of the company more aggressive than their rivals.

the most talented innovators from the bric countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China, from the past three years to the present in terms of new products and services to create their guarantee more than 20% of the proportion.

what’s interesting is that apple has previously suggested that the design of the millet mobile phone in a certain extent is the copy of the product for apple.

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