Millet today afternoon will send new product, or for air purifier

(wen xuan/day)

on Friday, millet through official weibo announced on December 9th release in the afternoon, and hanging out “such as the wind to” slogan. Through probing in many ways, new product is extremely likely air purifier, partners for the movement of the cheetah (the former golden hill network). Of course, before the formal release, millet authorities are silent.

millet in the field of intelligent device is preliminary already by phone item formed a strong advantage and word of mouth, also product extension to categories such as TV, tablet, routers, and with the investment of intelligent equipment manufacturers alliance with millet bracelet, smart cameras, etc., so as to establish more powerful ecological chain.

it is unclear what the product is millet yourself or with external team to build. However, from the launch of the location and scale, most likely with the help of a partner. Hunting cloud network, according to the conference will be held in millet company meeting room, to give priority to with the media, not like millet large conference attracted a large number of fans.

if exact is air purifier, people will naturally think of earlier cheetah mobile “air purifier leopard and rice”, issued by the price of 998 yuan. At this point, the if there is doubt to the name before, now you can see what meaning, cheetah + millet? Does this mean or leopard meters will be millet new members of the family.

millet into air purifier field reason is very simple, one is the market demand, domestic frequent outbreak of haze weather caused numerous complaints, about physical and mental health to product requirements; 2 it is profit space, the traditional air purifier, lucrative and hold by foreign products, gradually in the modular high product categories, cut into the relatively easy.

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