Millet to iHealth cloud sphygmomanometer introduced intelligence, price 199 yuan

recently announced nine Ann medical investment agreement with millet, iHealth split adjustment to a new independent entity iHealth Inc, millet to iHealth Inc invested $25 million in investment. At present, the first custom for millet iHealth cloud sphygmomanometer, will start selling in September 25, the product priced at $799 – the apple store and millet mall is RMB 199. Is the first time that iHealth is China mobile phone brand customize personal health accessories.

iHealth in silicon valley, is committed to mobile medical, launched the world’s first mobile intelligent device, the full range of blood pressure in the Apple stores sell like hot cakes and the Apple online store. The custom for millet iHealth cloud pricing low blood pressure, compared with the traditional blood pressure monitor with professional, intelligent and easy to use, etc.

iHealth cloud sphygmomanometer measurement precision, through professional medical monitoring ESH2010 standard (European association for high blood pressure, latest world mainstream sphygmomanometer accurate evaluation standard), and the American association for the advancement of medical instruments (AAMI) proposed by the AAMI SP – 10 standards and by the European committee for standardization (CEN) proposed EN1060-4 standard certification.

conventional desktop mercury sphygmomanometer using needs certain professional experience in operation, iHealth cloud sphygmomanometer download iHealth aika kang App, with mobile phone support (red rice and millet more than 2 s model), the App will automatically open, after wearing cuff, click on “start measuring”, can complete measurement, simple and easy to use, do not need to learn.

iHealth cloud sphygmomanometer in charts of the test report to replace the traditional digital blood pressure. Test process, it can track your blood pressure change, systolic pressure, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, measuring time, average, etc., through the graph form simple and vivid, and make improvement Suggestions. Measurement results easy to understand.

iHealth cloud sphygmomanometer with measurement data synchronization function of cloud, as long as the family phone can connected to the Internet, the measured results will automatically synchronized to the cloud. Can through the mail, WeChat, push, and your family, friends, or a doctor sharing measurements, current status and historical data, set up the family health group, add friends and family, set reminders family time measuring blood pressure, and online told. You open the phone App, can real-time understand your family’s health.

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