Millet tencent fit for landing products involved in the capital

according to a person with millet, millet and tencent will big strategic cooperation in January, the specific cooperation content is unknown, but it can make sure the cooperation will happen in the two sides of the product level, is not involved in capital.

it’s interesting that just yesterday, millet, chairman of the company, lei jun just in weibo announced the details of the fifth round of financing, a total of $1.1 billion, with the end of this round of financing, millet company valuation has amounted to $45 billion. Investors including All – stars, DST, GIC, magnolia bark and yunfeng capital investment, etc.

reporter from millet marketing staff confirmed the news, millet marketing personnel said this cooperation does not involve capital, but it will be a brand new commercial attempt, the two sides in the product level will show three-dimensional depth cooperation.

two companies has a long history of cooperation, in July 2013, millet’s first one thousand yuan, is known as the “king of the one thousand yuan machine price” red rice phone choose to start in QQ space. On November 28, 2013, the first commercial WeChat, 150000 sets of millet mobile phone 3 WeChat landing platform. In March 2014, red rice release Note, starting platform still choose the QQ space.

the personage inside course of study thinks, millet is not only the advantages of its high heat products, more important is its model can be partitioned with samsung android active TOP14 high active users, this for tencent has complex social matrix, every cooperation is the commercial catalyst.

millet revealed no further information, but from the point of view of the “new” said, the cooperation should be involved before testing the waters commercial social products, the mobile phone QQ.



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