Millet release intelligent air purifier, but mobile phone remote control, price 899 yuan

(word/qing nan)

as hunting cloud network morning report to mention new products, millet company officially launched today afternoon air purifier, priced at 899 yuan, the filter price is 149 yuan, from December 16 to make an appointment to purchase.

millet, chairman and CEO lei jun released the product personally, he said, the intelligent air purifier adopts double fan, four independent air duct, 360 ° bucket purification filter, three layer has the whole house air circulation wind road design. Product built-in WiFi module, support connect mobile phone, remote control purifier, indoor and outdoor air quality detection, intelligent advice remind, light intelligent sensor, smart reminder in filter, timing, purification, turn off the air quality testing, abnormal running remind, etc.

in the market at present the mainstream of the air purifier prices in 2000-6000 yuan, ability to air purification products CADR value in 200 m3/h – 400 m3/h. Family main cost-effective products as millet, millet air purifier CADR value up to 406 m3/h, purification capacity and price 6061 yuan Blueair410B quite, sells for 899 yuan. Filter prices are also affordable, is 149 yuan.

with the launch of millet hand ring pattern, millet air purifier products are behind by intellectual investment by m company research and development of the whole building. Intelligence meters by Su Jun lead the team to form, the industrial design is the northern industrial university, tsinghua university, Dr.

prior to that, LeiJunCeng announced millet will focus on three main mobile phones, tablet and router, on the periphery of the product will be made by the firm, and plans to duplicate the 100 millet, then build a millet filling. So far, millet has invested in 25 companies, produced such as millet camera, bracelets, mobile power supply, small ants intelligent device, etc.

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