Millet: investors many entrepreneurs are wrong lei jun strategics seven words

note: hunting cloud lei jun make the seven words of millet tactic “focus on extreme fast by word of mouth” in the industry have long been familiar with, but in the investment of millet biro IDG (China), executive vice President, many entrepreneurs did not really understand its real meaning, even walking in the wrong road, to see his explanation. The following is a biro in cham on January 7, the company culture and zhejiang people’s publishing house jointly hosted the “management and thinking of the great game – and Internet book launch” liu asked on speech, by dark horse I finish:
is short of young entrepreneurs management

IDG a business, is to help entrepreneurs. We are in contact with a lot of entrepreneurs, especially the Internet entrepreneurs, after 80, 80, after the found an important question: these young entrepreneurs, can say everything is good, is ready, but there are a lot of short board, they acknowledge that this is the problem of management.

we IDG in venture investment field to do so for a long time, if there is any experience? Did find the success of most startups, largely of three elements: build team, with a team, have a strategy. With team, the most important thing is to build team strategy within our industry is not so outstanding, the front two is critical. Do you know investment, see project, many degree is at this man is a team.

in terms of entrepreneurs, whether young entrepreneurs, or have successfully these Internet companies, many companies out of the question, is largely out of the question. Many companies are facing the confusion, such as we went about 20 or so after 90, but is, in fact, after 85 85 followed by the company. There is a big problem in particular, may not understand after 60 after 90. But after 90 in entrepreneurship can not only deal with after 90, after 80, they want to know how to deal with people older than them, including their own team, including their employees, including their partners, this is their very big of a problem. The problem is actually a management problem. 60 and, of course, say look not to understand after 90, so there will be the problem.
millet “fast” is not a fast iterative

I recently met an entrepreneur, is doing the painting, he said he could back to lei jun of seven words, the last word is “fast”. He asked me how oils can achieve rapid iteration? Why I say you do painting, rapid iteration? He say because he is ray always say “fast”, the “fast”, I said lei jun says not rapid iteration. I heard the thunder general report, because we invested in millet, lei jun, please give us a detailed explanation, how to do an Internet company, especially how to do hardware products from the Internet. The lei jun about his “fast”, lei jun says he didn’t good at management, management in golden hill is very painful, so when he came out a startup, you want to avoid some contradictions in the development of the enterprise. Enterprise a slow, all kinds of contradictions, lei jun says he is not good at management, so he is going to come out to be a company must have to be a “quick” company, such as to a certain scale of the company, let him take the time to manage, this is the “fast” lei jun said. Lei jun says “fast”, told the entrepreneur “fast” is completely irrelevant, but entrepreneurs to see a lot of people on the Internet such reading lei jun management thought of “fast” word.
lei jun “extreme” – balance or absolutely

tell the “extreme”, for example, lei jun again, what kind of reading online, lei jun is how to explain yourself? Acme is an extremely complex, millet, he said we do not do the apple, I this team has a green technology, technical people like best. Acme extreme, millet made the apple, but apple is not my market, I want to do is millet, so I can’t tell them too extreme.

lei jun says “perfection” is the concept of a balanced, because always the pursuit of perfection, is always not products, lei jun will try so hard, so tell a degree of perfection. But, for the service of millet, service is the heart, is a true one hundred percent to make it perfectly. LeiJunYong “extreme” two words to sum up, there are very rich in meaning.

if say no one carefully to see, no one to interpret well again, you will have a lot of problems. An “extreme”, do you how to understand the product, service and how to understand. I mean to say, a very great management thoughts, lei jun is a very successful entrepreneur, even though he speak of these, also need to have the right people, doing very well.

even if lei jun this success, such a rapid growth of Internet companies, he also realized that his own administration of the board, he also thinks to he now such a scale enterprise development, is the need to return to an era of management, so no matter from entrepreneurs, or a successful entrepreneur like lei jun, they all have to recognize the value of management, especially in the present complicated and rapidly changing business environment, the value of management is more important than ever.

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