Millet investment to the next town, and suitable for iQIYI fund 1.8 billion yuan investment

(/qing wen nan)

although millet and iQIYI both sides has been under wraps, but tales of the “marriage” or become a reality.

today, millet company arranges for the capital announced 1.8 billion yuan ($300 million) a shareholder iQIYI, this is the last week announced an alliance youku, millet in the field of video content layout again. Is millet company set up more than four years time, the biggest one, before that, the millet twice for a total of more than a $200 million stake in thunderbolt.

bloomberg quoted sources as saying that millet for love in the investment valuation at $2 billion to $3 billion, the site of 10% to 15%. Meanwhile, baidu also additional investments in iQIYI. IQIYI will, after the completion of this round of investment and strategic shareholder baidu and millet in content, technology innovation, especially the mobile Internet sector depth cooperation. Millet will become the second largest shareholder iQIYI.

at the beginning of this month, the original officially join the millet, Chen tong, rival sina chief editor and is responsible for the content of millet in operation and investment, lei jun to give its $1 billion “gift”, it is also a millet combined with the current environment needs to strengthen its own TV, boxes and other content resources necessary action.

and invested tens of millions of dollars to buy shares of youku secondary market capital operation, millet is not only a direct stake in the time, compared to the amount of big dozens of times. Why in many video websites, millet in such a short period of time have a stake in two video sites, and the focus on love in the bet?

investment iQIYI in addition to quickly get the content of consideration, also took a fancy to iQIYI licence. Who was with the Internet TV broadcast platform license Fang Yang wide new media such as radio and television department set up the galaxy interconnection, for later laid a solid foundation and Internet TV, Internet box also therefore iQIYI in this year’s film and television (sarft) controls the storm damaged is less. In love, after in the cooperation with millet licences are iCN T V and connected the two galaxy, in double insurance policy access.

iQIYI millet investment is mainly in order to cooperate with large content provider, the next iQIYI can provide high quality content for millet, millet key into the field of video, provide good content to fill their products.

for iQIYI due to belonging to baidu, itself is not very desire to capital requirements. But seeing the millet is a M IU I tablet users as well as millet phone, millet, millet TV each terminal such as shipments, as for the coming year will enter the mobile video, and the outbreak of the Internet TV; For baidu, it is not lack of money, on the efforts to introduce millet showed its open state of mind.

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