Millet into Internet finance, news that investment lego box

(wen xuan/day)

after the intelligent hardware gain ground, the layout of the millet again showed signs of extension.

today, domestic media quoted investment sources, according to the domestic investment and financing platform for P2P network block box has completed tens of millions of dollars in financing, among them, the millet combination suitable for fund led led, Yintai capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of temasek investment, partners China and auspicious peak.

at present, the block boxes and millet has not been official said the news.

block box belonging to integrating multi-source information technology company run by Beijing, peng laugh mei and founded jointly by Dong Jun, site in patch on August 7, 2013, A round of funding tens of millions of dollars. So far, has helped more than 400 home small micro enterprise, complete the financing amount more than $1 billion.

for millet, has been around the iron triangle do layout of hardware, software and services. If the time to buy into true block box, and enter the Internet for what purpose the financial?

if only for financial investment? Should not block box faced with numerous opponents, and could face regulatory concerns. The analysis thinks, this millet investment lego box is the main purpose, and millet production chain produce synergies, millet financial supply chain.

unlike jingdong electric business platform of business supply chain, the supply chain of the hardware of the millet most concentrated in a small number of large manufacturers, weak demand for P2P type financial platform. More of the supply chain should be from millet chain of third party service providers, in this part there are a number of developers, start-ups.

prior to this, the millet also start a comprehensive financial services with bank of Beijing, in addition to financial borrowing service employees of millet, bank of Beijing will focus on millet company customer base design exclusive product process, through mobile terminals such as actively explore financial development direction, mobile financial business cooperation.

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