Millet in health care: a $25 million stake in nine medical Ann

(wen xuan/day)

after the bracelet products released in July this year, then can guess millet is not only introduced wearable devices, but also to be behind the medical health field, it is also very quickly.

tonight, domestic listed companies nine his medical treatment, according to the announcement has signed investment agreements with millet, the introduction of millet company investment, the two sides will work together to build mobile health cloud platform.

9 Ann medical was founded in 1995, in June 2010, listed in shenzhen stock exchange is the world’s main production base of electronic sphygmomanometer, to family, doctors and medical institutions to provide diagnostic tools such as blood pressure, blood glucose meter. With the concept of mobile boom in recent years, the company in mobile medical active layout.

statement shows that nine medical Ann to spin out the business plans through equity structure adjustment and personnel, to adjust iHealth related global business to plans to set up a new independent entity (protocol called iHealth Inc) structure. Millet investment to the entity capital increase of $25 million, 20% of the shares. After the completion of the transaction, iHealth will be millet company in the field of mobile health partners, millet company will with the iHealth in user experience, millet electricity and cloud services in-depth cooperation.

in addition, nine medical Ann also set by way of issuing shares to raise 810 million yuan, for mobile medical surrounding ecological and smart hardware development base, the product experience center, customer service center, etc. Predictably, the development of intelligent hardware products can produce is closely related with the millet.

for nine medical Ann, and millet, after marriage can be realized with hardware for the entrance to the strategic breakthrough, to speed up the iHealth products and services in the domestic promotion, rapid accumulation of users, the formation of health data, improve the ecological surrounding, and provide health care and related services to the user.

apple Healthfit, Google now Fit appeared, including domestic tencent’s $70 million investment in the near future also clove garden, health concept is heating up again. In this case, millet make such investment strategies are expected.

to point out is that the time of a shareholder agreement also for millet investment behavior has made the limits in the related field. Millet within two years, for example, not investment based on big data platform for the medical health and blood pressure and blood glucose measurement for a single function of the product.

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