Millet: foreign user data will be “out of” China

(/horse relief yi wen)

millet global vice President Hugo Barra today announced that the company will put foreign millet user data is stored in their overseas distribution server. There is no doubt that this is millet paves the way for further develop the global market.

Hugo Barra made no secret of millet the aim:

the first, to provide overseas millet users with more stable and faster service;

second, in order to get rid of millet “for the government to open the user privacy for the back door” adverse opinion.

yesterday, competing media coverage of science and technology at home and abroad, apple suffered “middlemen” attack on the Chinese mainland, up to the user’s account and password is stored in the message. At present, the cook is to visit China in China, with high-level government to discuss the problem such as data and user privacy.

it is important to note that previously, Taiwan and the Philippines to millet, mobile security experts have discovered that in millet mobile phone users unwittingly, the mobile data of server will spread to Beijing. Others think that millet this behavior is normal, Taiwan is in big problem small.

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