Millet bracelet manufacturer China m $35 million B round of science and technology

millet bracelet maker China rice science and technology today announced a $35 million B round of funding, the company a new valuation of more than $300 million, the financing of ficus altissima capital led, sequoia capital, morningside Fang Shun capital and last round of investment capital to vote for. A new round of financing, the main purpose is to attract international talents, expansion team, launched the reserve strength for subsequent products and preparation for entry into the European and American markets.

China m company was founded in 2013, is a focus on intelligent wear, identity ID as well as the human body data intelligent hardware equipment and services company, headquarters is located in hefei, anhui branch offices in Beijing and silicon valley. China rice science and technology in the previous round of funding received millet and for capital investment, and officially released in July this year the millet bracelet. By the end of November 2014, millet bracelet shipments has amounted to 1 million units.

meters for China science and technology of this round of more than $300 million valuation, investors, said an official with the highly optimistic about the future intelligent wear equipment and intelligent development trend of the domestic market, recognized the technological research and development ability and the team China m operating ability, at the same time also very bullish on millet and millet comprehensive ecological chain of ecology hardware strength.

millet technology founder, chairman and CEO lei jun to China m investors endorsed, extend my congratulations to complete B round. Millet, he said, is actively promoting millet intelligent hardware chain plan, hoping to millet pattern is copied to the 100 top enterprises, implementation of the program for more than a year, has been cooperating with more than 20 enterprises, including millet bracelet, millet mobile power and so on many star products has won the general recognition of the market.

“millet will focus on the millet mobile phone tablet with millet, millet, millet, router TV box with three core product line, in the field of other smart hardware, we hope to use hardware chain model and platform can bring more like China m excellent start-up, encourage them to work together with millet.” Lei jun said.

millet co-founder pfund also said that China millet hardware is only focused on the ecological wearable devices, a member of the original Chinese rice and millet can reached cooperation intention, the first results from the company values and business model to determine the cognitive highly consistent, the two sides have good relations of cooperation, but China rice science and technology itself is an independent operation of the company, millet mainly in the supply chain, product polishing and resources to support marketing, sales, etc.

unlike traditional intelligent wear equipment manufacturers, millet bracelet is not to be a narrow the intelligent hardware products, high-profit, China meters to make “identity ID by perfect products”, by connecting all intelligent hardware in the physical world, thusthe skid imagination more intelligent home market. Millet bracelet is millet ecological first wearable smart devices, price 79 yuan, exquisite workmanship, novel design, whole body only 5 grams of weight, high strength and waterproof, view the physiological load of exercise, monitoring the sleep quality, intelligent alarm clock wake up, and other functions, can realize life long standby for 30 days. Founder huang wang said to China, the user can use the millet future bracelet as identity ID identification, blend in the use of a variety of intelligent family scene, so that everyone can enjoy the joy of the game of science and technology.


it is reported, China science and technology has been submitted to apple iOS version millet bracelet App in the App Store shelves application, at present has entered the review stage, apple mobile phone users will soon can with millet bracelet product experience.

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