Millet and beauty to determine each other form a community of interests, gree to hire any more

cloud network hunting note: mention lei jun and gree, everybody can think of is a bet, and now there is one thing with associated, adverse to the gree seems to be some, however, this is the “marriage” of millet and rumors, sources said the two companies in addition to outside the business cooperation, investment in capital levels are also form a community of interests. As a longtime rival beauty, gree pressure. The following reports for the full text:

the author: Owen Chen, caijing magazine, micro letter number public 丨 caijingEleven

suspended after a week of midea group (000333 SZ), will be a next week (December 15th) resumption.

the author has confirmed that the suspension is a significant strategic cooperation between with millet. Both sources close to the millet and beauty will be of a mutual confidence-building mechanism at the group level, including cooperation on the level of capital, millet to strategic stakes in midea group (specific amount is unknown yet, Ming party announcement). Have much speculation over at the same time also confirmed that midea group will also be strategic stakes in millet, form a community of interests.

at the group level, the two sides will promote the cooperation between different projects. Such as: millet will help build electric business platform of beauty, midea group logistics platform will provide for the use of millet is preferred. Allegedly, after June next year, beauty of logistics capability will be more than day by day.

the beauty on the black electrical products such as television and mobile phones, can be obtained with the aid of the co-operation complementary. Millet in the layout of the box, router, server, will bring beautiful household products and more complete solutions. And crucially, millet brought intelligent system for beauty.

2 years ago, the United States has been available in household system. Midea group chairman hong-bo fang was believed that the future by selling a single product has no meaning, be sure to sell system. But since then, beautiful household system has not received a wide range of promotion. Nowadays, bundling live millet system, do not ban its much a imagination.

Relevant personage says

, beautiful future to do four big thing: first, using mobile Internet change of thinking pattern, to establish an own electric business platform, the day the cat, jingdong, millet, etc all electricity resources on their own platform; To kenda logistics, from the warehouse, the main line, feeder, the last kilometer to dress up an organic whole, have built; To overthrow the existing channel layer upon layer proxy pattern.

second, system to do, from a single product, to sell the whole system.

the third, the establishment of basic technical ability, to the future of the new investment, if you want to mergers and acquisitions, won’t make the traditional industry, to be new, associated with home appliance, industry, related to system for high technical content, different electrical appliances product.

4, to build international platform, the real copy this ability to the new country behind China, such as India and Africa.

the beautiful hope finally, oneself also can become a platform company, the new long out of the business can transcend the existing group of beauty.

more unfortunately, the strategic cooperation has not saw the shadow of the suitable for fund.

suitable for fund, lei jun and allow dalai lama was established in October 2011. Raise $225 million $225 million first phase, the second phase, it is the size of the $725 million to investment team 13 people. Suitable for often appear together with millet, both invested in 59 projects. Is suitable for investment view has a “core users must comply with millet, recognition of millet values”.

however, both also have difference: do financial investment, suitable for millet tend to strategic investment, if both the two put together.

the investment for millet unilateral behavior of beauty, for strategic reasons. Millet founded the iec investment team this year, a total of 30 people, has 25 companies, distribution in each product line, including rice, purple rice, China fly, green, cloud, blue, etc., and are together and for investment. The author thinks that, suitable for investment midea group will be just a matter of time.

, managing director of GSR ventures Ding Jian

yesterday, with the analysis of millet, millet, try to use hardware diversified ways to break the BAT form the pattern of integrated platform, but this way is too heavy. After heard millet is in the form of strategic investment, enter multiple hardware business, Ding Jian said, this is very clever. Ali and expansion, tencent’s platform is based on this method.

the millet bundled beauty, make its have the heaviest of all electrical products, has realized the real closed-loop intelligent household system, a comprehensive platform prototype has skills.

recently, midea old rival gree repeatedly shelled, may have felt threatened. And in the summer, gree, the strong drain, pin on the air conditioning channel inventory behavior once led beauty into a disadvantage. More funny is, gree dong mingzhu and millet LeiJunCeng had a bet: five years later than turnover, lose to 1 billion. The enemy of my enemy has teamed up with, for character stronger dong mingzhu, what to do next? Is well worth the attention of all.

the consolation, millet and strategic cooperation is preferred, is not exclusive, which means that the millet can also cooperate with any household appliance enterprises.

as always worship of dong mingzhu, author believes that she has its own unique way.

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