Millet 5 has not been released, he suffered a “copy”

recently 5 again for the noise of the millet millet company make enough exposure stunt. Millet company at $1.1 billion after it was announced that will be released in January, its flagship product, the resulting millet five guesses. Compared to the previous millet flagship machine release rhythm is obvious in advance, another way is to catch the CES exhibition, in the United States are to be of overseas deployment.

although the majority of millet 5 to name this new product, but the official internal has not confirmed that when the time comes also may use other name sequence. Also reports that the price of the system is no longer in use of the original 1999 yuan, and may be higher. Actually these doesn’t matter, millet in expansion of hot style category to deal with the domestic and foreign manufacturers for different user group of the market is indeed the shots.

according to the Internet information, this new machine will use qualcomm’s first flagship 64 flagship Xiao dragon Soc 810 (and improved version of the samsung Galaxy Note 4 synchronization), 5.7 inch 2 k display screen, 2.5 D curved glass cover, 1.75 mu m large pixel sensor, and support the fingerprint unlock function.

millet 5 spy pictures and posters also began to spread by GizmoChina website, images will be listed in the first half of next year’s new product millet Arch is a hyperboloid touch screen mobile phone. In addition, samsung launched the Galaxy Note Edge, but only one side use the curved surface screen design.

may be out of justice for fellow domestic enterprise product maintenance, south Korean media “chosun ilbo” dispatch “euphemism” place today accused the “plagiarism” behavior of millet. The article also mentioned in October this year apple design director Jonathan ivey what millet copying apple iPhone “theft”.

in addition, the chosun ilbo, quoting South Korea’s KT researcher at the institute of economic management in Jin Xian (sound) pointed out: “millet mainly production and samsung, apple smartphone function specifications of similar products, and sold at rock-bottom prices. The enterprise innovation focus on price, rather than on technical innovation, so I don’t think that will surpass samsung and apple.”

of course, millet new product has not really now, to rise to the legal level of plagiarism dispute also does not exist. We are still waiting for millet 5 appeared at an early date.

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