Millet 1 5 billion hit Qian Chao do investment: lei jun why not sent money

cloud network hunting note: millet spend 1.266 billion yuan to buy into beauty, revisit the millet. The lei jun to mobilize funds appears more and more big, why only 4 years of millet in 2014 suddenly so rapidly in the investment, lei jun why so much money? Look at senior media person jian-ping lei.

after for a while after rumors and rumours, millet and beauty, the two were not relevant enterprise finally intersection in late December 14, the two sides announced millet to spend 1.266 billion yuan investment in beauty, and reached a series of cooperation company level.

these cooperation include: comprehensive system of open, cooperation and coordinated development; Sharing intelligence system platform, data and cloud computing; Fusion based on mobile Internet online business operation; Give preference to each other the same condition, the preferred between strategic cooperation.

although millet hold midea group shares only 1.29%, the deal was gree electric appliances, chairman and President of dong mingzhu described as “two cheats together.” But millet may nominate a core executive director of midea group, make its particular meaning.

in fact, the strategic stakes in beauty only millet recent investment and a case study, also in December, millet just joint jinshan, temasek’s $296 million investment in the Internet, more earlier, millet and joint iQIYI suitable for fund 1.8 billion yuan investment.

in addition to jinshan, such as patent investment fund set up 200 million yuan, 100 million patents to buy mobile phones, investment, etc., and millet millet invested enterprise funds has more than 5 billion this year, still did not stop. Content of millet $1 billion fund is still in continue to look for investment.

if add jinshan, suitable for funds, millet, chairman and CEO lei jun to mobilize funds more vast. So why was only 4 years of millet in 2014 suddenly so rapidly in the investment, lei jun why so much money?

around the industrial chain to cast hundred intelligent hardware company

according to tecent science and technology, millet investment since the beginning of the year in succession of midea group, the Internet, love art, youku, potatoes, lego box, thunderbolt, homework, 51 talk together, etc., have investment projects up to 25, millet filling its enterprises.

the millet is love in the second largest shareholder, is also the first big shareholder of thunder, and jinshan affiliated enterprise, lei jun is still the interconnection of large shareholders. After a bit of investment in mergers and acquisitions, lei jun is outside the system of tencent, baidu, ali has came into its own.

look from specific investment, many star products are all from millet millet filling its investment enterprises, such as millet hand ring, mobile power supply, air purifier, such as rice, brown rice, respectively from China intellectual meters, and other enterprises.

by mobile phone, connect the hardware devices in the family, millet to build a around the millet mobile phone (flat), television (box) and three types of intelligent router core hardware peripheral hardware chain, these products are connected to the millet mobile phone, data sharing.

after the millet strategic investment, intelligent household appliances may be bundled millet system of beauty, and millet bundled beauty, make its have the heaviest appliances products, realizing the closed-loop, real smart home system may form a comprehensive platform skills.

millet investment of love in the good understanding and youku potatoes logic. Lei jun to tencent technology, said the TV content for millet, boxes, mobile phone, including tablet is a matter of life. This is also the important reason for the millet Chen tong, rival sina editor before pay for.

in music as a major setbacks this year, hope to make the arrival of Dr. Chen lei jun millet and millet TV box content in the earth-shaking changes in half a year, in the first phase after spending $1 billion to do content, hope this into a new business growth point after phone.

look at thunderbolt, though, the current market value of $500 million, and millet plus jinshan and arranges for a total of $310 million, lei jun is equivalent to financial losses, but the thunderbolt is mainly doing the rest of the traffic and bandwidth optimization, the millet system are valuable.

thunder after into millet system is mainly used to do the server and bandwidth scheduling of idle assets. This makes short-term financial loss will not affect lei jun system. Lei jun announced jinshan kingsoft cloud group invested $1 billion do instead, and large stake in the Internet.

lei jun said in an interview recently, millet cloud is estimated by the end of the with data volume exceeds 1000 p, the data is in the blast – 3 billion, 1 year storage fee. If you can’t use big data into a value, millet through the day again and then I will go bankrupt.

millet way is via products such as bracelets, dig big data, the introduction of health, do mobile medical, iHealth for millet. Millet and propulsion data localization, directly after the application of Internet financial, can decide whether to give the user a loan.

millet investment is army combat, lei jun to plan as a whole millet, jinshan, suitable for, among them, suitable for a period of $250 million, second to raise $525 million, total is $750 million. The main iec standard is to invest millet, help raise the millet filling millet.

lei jun says, suitable for millet chain is responsible for investment, the two companies work together. “We are the two teams, millet team is directed to see, they are in the market scanning, ensure no dead Angle. Good project will enter our field of vision.”

lei jun has revealed, millet also wants to invest a perfect millet chain hundred intelligent hardware company, this is millet the whole plan. This also means that at least 75 casts no are millet, millet, jinshan, suitable for the future will also continue to fierce investment.

millet 5 billion yuan where money comes from

in just a year’s time, millet to invest 5 billion yuan of mergers and acquisitions, especially in recent two months, have significant investment in the love, century interconnection, midea group, the content of its $1 billion investment is out with a few.

the Internet industry in China, the local tyrants breath of millet now a bit at the beginning of alibaba, to a certain extent. So, millet investment in mergers and acquisitions of money come from? All from the company’s operating funds? Lei jun why don’t you worry about investment has a risk?

first of all, from the point of millet itself, though lei jun says hardware not make money, but according to foreign media reports, millet 2013 net income of 3.46 billion yuan, is expected this year’s growth of 75%, to 5.88 billion. Millet profits over the past two years has reached 9.3 billion yuan.

this means that only by millet own operating funds, its more than 5 billion yuan investment can also be covered. However, millet apparently did not how to use its own operating funds. Millet 29 at the end of October this year for global Banks to borrow $1 billion.

this 29 lending Banks including deutsche bank, jp Morgan chase bank, Morgan Stanley, Brazil, Japan bank of tokyo-mitsubishi UFJ, credit suisse and Goldman sachs group inc., etc. So many Banks are willing to give money is mainly to establish good relations and millet.

these are not all of them. Millet round each year, over the years, received $216 million in June 2012, valued at $10 billion in August 2013, the latest round of valuations are over $40 billion in 2014, financing more than $1 billion.

according to a person familiar with the matter, millet a senior said, millet very good cash flow, and several rounds of financing are never used before.

this produces a very laborious phenomenon. Since millet cash flow is very good, the financing is not used, also borrow $1 billion from the bank, why every year on a scale of financing? Lei jun exactly want to do?

a senior investment professionals to tencent technology, millet goal is to become a company value of billions of dollars. Lei jun learn a lot from the board of directors of the alibaba chairman jack ma, which is to raise more and more money.

alibaba company is the best domestic cash flow, but alibaba in the past few years have been a few times a lot of borrowing, is a $4 billion, is a $8 billion, this round of funding is $25 billion. Enough money can batter to death.

the investor said, “lei jun want to do is like ali raise more and more money, have money to burn. The money can help millet ‘cold’, can also help the millet to build much more advantage than its competitors. Millet will be in an impregnable position.”

the current millet having some growing pains, in Taiwan area is refers to the violation of user privacy, Ericsson patents in India for suspended sales, lei jun in part of speech is the sales target of 2015 down from 140 billion to more than billions.

for millet, the most important still is quickly ran forward. Such as Meituan CEO Mr Wang recently said: for startups, development speed, growth is very important. Silicon valley maxim, somewhat crude but direct: Keep growing, fuck everything else.

Mr Wang said that as long as the enterprise can maintain high growth, all the problems are at least in the short term can be tolerated, hidden, or not, after grow up to ten times, one hundred times it is not the problem, don’t even need to solve he will naturally disappear.

at present, the millet have enough money, and to realize the importance of patent, one analyst pointed out that as long as it is money can solve all is not the problem, in the marketing, millet need to pay more and more attention to internal work, including the patent acquisition, investment and cutting-edge technology.

the people said, giants such as apple has tacitly to large investments such as battery life technology, future millet can also needs a broader view, silicon valley in the United States, Israel and other layout of millet in the next five to 10 years is truly valuable technology investment.

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