Millet $1.266 billion stake in beautiful, intelligent household chain layout

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today evening, midea group announced that will be $23.01 per share price sell 55 million m to millet technology, raised 1.266 billion yuan, after the completion of the issue, millet will hold midea group shares 1.29%, and may nominate a core executive director of midea group.

according to the cooperation agreement, both parties will be in the field of smart home and its chain, mobile Internet business for depth of different models, strategic cooperation, and butt in smart home, electricity and strategic investment cooperation team.

this means that the millet to bundle in building intelligent household ecological again an important partner, the beauty on the product category, the market share of millet to form a good supplement. Television and as is known to all, since the millet millet router since its launch, intelligent home has become a millet in the eyes of the “next tuyere”, millet company founder, chairman and CEO lei jun in internal share will even said: “this is the next billions of dollars in the size of the market”.

according to the news from the has previously said, beauty of millet will help build electric business platform, logistics platform of midea group will provide for the use of millet is preferred. Allegedly, after June next year, beauty of logistics capability will be more than day by day.

based on digital, triple play, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing application technology of the intelligent home appliances products gradually to rewrite the home appliance market present situation and the industrial structure, promote research and development of home appliance industry upgrading and product updates. In terms of sales channels, e-commerce is growing rapidly, electric business competition overall upgrade, online integration becomes a trend. As home appliances production and manufacturer, although with a large product line and market of beauty, but also in the Internet under the impact of the new situation began to change train of thought, and released in March 2014 M – Smart household strategic wisdom, and in 2014 set up the e-commerce companies in the first half of the year. The alliance millet, beauty can also improve the company’s industrial layout, expand the future development of space.

the other, according to media reports that the latest strategic intention of beauty including in four aspects: one is to build an electric business platform, not only against the day of cats, jingdong, and construction of large logistics, from storage, main line and branch line, the last kilometer to costumes, to overthrow the existing channel layer upon layer proxy pattern; Second, must do system, from a single product to sell the whole system; 3 it is geared to the needs of future investment, or bought with the company’s strategy to fit; Four is to establish a international platform.

in the face of complex intelligent hardware category and chains, lei jun already aware of millet itself cannot completely cover, thus put forward own adhere to the three products, mobile phones, tablet and router on the outskirts of the strategy of intelligent products to a partner to complete. Therefore, millet company established iec team at the end of 2013, is mainly responsible for investment intelligent hardware company. According to the plan of lei jun, copies with millet pattern, 100 companies, leading the industry growth for both upstream and downstream. At present, millet has invested in 25 startups, such as China rice, brown rice, intelligence meters, companies such as the published product respectively millet bracelet, mobile power supply, air purifier, etc.

in addition, millet surrounding the recent frequent invest heavily on the content and the ecological construction. Announced in early November, Chen tong, rival sina editor before joining millet LeiJunCeng said the millet will first stage investment is investing $1 billion for content (has to love in the invested us $300 million); Announced in early December, lei jun and jinshan will invest $1 billion in cloud services, jinshan, millet and temasek teamed up with a $295 million stake in century interconnection.

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