Middlemen + participants: dual role of the raised platform OurCrowd

in equity raise this burgeoning field, the silicon valley insiders such as AngelList may have on the familiar suggests platform. But they may not know that there is such a assembled a group of experienced veteran of the raised platform, also gaining momentum.

by Israel for entrepreneurs and venture Jon Medved founded the equity of the raised platform OurCrowd has completed about 50 companies of at least $70 million in investment, and has plans to invest $100 million next year. Its investment an exoskeleton system provider cinema-goers Robitcs was listed on nasdaq in the United States last month, has the market capitalisation of about $360 million.

single comparison, on digital OurCrowd is raised and the number of its mission than CircleUp (focus on the raised platform for small retail companies) to $40 million, as for a famous American business incubator Y Combinator supported by the equity of the raised platform Funders Club win $20 million will be a cinch. But, in some ways, the comparison is the duke guan qin shubao, comparability is small; As for why do you say that, look down.

why OurCrowd volume is larger than other platforms?

in fact, the reason is very simple. In can let companies and investors to communicate completely open market, and compared with the more traditional and conservative entrepreneurial path between OurCrowd chose the latter.

this is a totally different model.

when OurCrowd head with this letter to investors to seduce, on the other side there is a 50 people size assessment team is on every transaction with strict censorship. After selective OurCrowd can let investors from all eligible enterprises selected preferred investment object and participate in the investment. OurCrowd, meanwhile, will be for each deal in about 5% to 15% of the funds, and unlike other the raised platform, which is purely as a medium of financing is not involved in investment. For every transaction OurCrowd, investors do not need to participate in all, you just need to choose pleasing to the eye of the project investment.

OurCrowd more than the strength of the large investment, is similar to the existing venture fund request. It not only occupies a place on the board, but also have preferred equity and anti-dilution rights.

to this, the once established venture fund Israel Seed Partners, a listed company run too early ringtone field Vringo, now it is Medved OurCrowd CEO said in an interview: “OurCrowd is more like a vc institutions, this as a venture capitalist’s background and I have a lot to do. In my opinion, no investment is need people to give up everything.”

he said: “just think, if the investors can achieve the best of both worlds – someone to select investment projects for you, for you do the related legal affairs, to provide you with the enterprise owned by the protection measures, but at the same time you can have your own discretion. I don’t think people in silicon valley and well understand this requirement. Not everyone is angel investors, and most of the rich never participate in start-up financing.”


words though, did not show to other the raised platform of too many, only emphasized that patterns of OurCrowd compared with other platforms from essentially different.

although based in Jerusalem makes OurCrowd haven’t made his name in silicon valley, but it does not affect it has gone global strategic ambitions. Although the CEO Medved with deep roots in Israel, but OurCrowd still don’t want to stop at the Israeli local market. In OurCrowd capital gains, about half of the number from the United States, the remaining respectively from overseas, only less than 10% of parts from Israel.

however, originated in Israel how much this also helped OurCrowd a favor: Israel on the equity and the raise of liberalization of legal progress is much faster than the United States and its securities and futures commission SEC. Therefore, OurCrowd is a step ahead in this area.

at present, Medved still gaze at investors in the market, the letter written to ask for the investment of enterprise annual revenue of not less than $200000, or net worth over $1 million. This and other equity the raised platform is consistent.

Medved said: “in the future, companies from all over the world may be rolling in. But now, we only focused on the domestic 800 trusted investors.”


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