Microsoft’s acquisition of cloud security contractor Aorato said its service can put an end to the snowden incident happen again

Microsoft has confirmed that has acquired Aorato. The latter was founded jointly by the idf veterans Israeli security solution provider, until this year has been since the beginning of a low profile and unknown. Aorato focus on the safety management of enterprises mixed environment of cloud services, and machine learning is used to detect suspicious invasion of the modules.

although the specific number is unclear about the deal, sources said the deal is about $200 million.

Microsoft cloud services and enterprise marketing vice President Takeshi Numoto in a blog post he points out, Microsoft will strengthen its identity solutions in the deal.

“acquired Aorato, we will be able to better serve customers in the local and the cloud to provide strong authentication and access solutions, this is also our whole hybrid cloud strategic priority.”

for the enterprise market Microsoft and wider, the deal presents several different trends.

for a long time, Microsoft has been strengthen the services provided to business users, and hopes of the vertical development. Microsoft’s attention also begs the question, that is whether Microsoft will Okta and the field and other companies to compete more directly.

in a broader level, Microsoft’s acquisition is in the field of corporate security in order to make sure it consistent with the now enterprise’s demand. Security have become the cloud technology research and investment in key areas, especially as the cloud services, the rise of BYOD devices and applications, IT administrators will be more difficult to manage these things; Not to mention all the devices on more and more data leaked.

in January 2014, Aorato with a focus on Microsoft users to produce finally appeared in the spotlight: the company has developed a firewall against Microsoft Active Directory service behavior.

at present about 95% of the organizations use the Active Directory service, therefore, although it sounds like a focus on Microsoft platform related solutions, but its coverage more widely.

in essence, the solution of Aorato monitoring employees’ access to traffic instructions “suspected of usage, including multiple speculative attempt.

in the Active Directory of concern the leaked including Night Dragon and the recent leak of combination and RSA security company, is an attacker to steal the formal employee’s credentials. The worm attempts to guess save password to steal the user credentials in the Active Directory.

Aorato co-founder and CEO Idan Plotnik said in a interview, although based on the Active Directory service is a logical starting point, but as time goes on, Aorato will cover all systems. He said, even so, such as data breaches in the NSA can also be Aorato products detected early.

“snowdon is said to have with colleagues password to access to sensitive documents,” he told me, “even if the user behavior appears to be legitimate, Aorato will detect the suspicious or unusual behavior of the same account.”

before the takeover, Aorato has raised $11 million. Investment including Accel Aorato, co-founder of Trusteer Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar, Eric Schmidt founded Innovation Endeavors, and Glilot Capital Partners.


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