Microsoft push universal mobile keyboard can be used by the Surface, the device, the Android tablet used at the same time

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to, Microsoft has development a major called “Universal Mobile the rid_device_info_keyboard” Mobile device Keyboard. This product is the most prominent highlight, it can at the same time for Microsoft to its tablet, apple tablet, Android tablet.

Universal Mobile the rid_device_info_keyboard design idea and after hunting cloud network coverage across the system equipment wireless adapter logitech Keyboard K480 are the same. They can at the same time and the different systems of mobile devices to connect, and through a switch button on the keyboard, to convert between different equipment operation.

what’s interesting is that this will also be “selfless” Microsoft more incisively and vividly. Although this kind of keyboard come from Microsoft, but the product in the whole body can hardly be seen Microsoft Logo. For user familiar with Microsoft products, this is a big change. Not only that, it also does not have the Windows key on the keyboard, instead of a small house with button (below).

it is understood that the Universal Mobile charging the rid_device_info_keyboard only 10 minutes can provide 24-hour time. In addition, the wireless keyboard has a removable support, at the same time also can serve as the keyboard to protect shell.

like friends, can be in October for $79.95 to buy this product.

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