Microsoft push augmented reality headset, “hear” the world to help the blind

a seeing-eye dog training success to spend a great deal of manpower material resources, but Microsoft recently successfully developed a 3 d soundscape technology maybe can alleviate the problem, users only need a headset can “see” the environment all round, even for the visually impaired are of great help!

as the Oculus Rift gradually occupy a place in the consumer market and the steady development of the Google glasses, it is not difficult to see the augmented reality is closely connected with our life more and more. But generally speaking, the augmented reality (AR) has been the focus of visual.

Microsoft, a company has been developing 3 d soundscape technology (defining the space location) with the sound, this technique allows some headphones by the sound of a clear direction to let users can “see” the illusion of the surrounding environment.

at the Massachusetts institute of Technology Review reported this technique: “I just put on a pair of wireless headphones, it instantly became more vivid feeling around things. Headphones will ring in a kind of like the sound of a portable radio, sound quality is very good songs seem to be coming from a simulated HiFi speakers. When a bird fall to the ground in front of me headphones creates a very realistic chirps. When I walk around, her voice also produces change, when the relative position between the target object with our ears changes, analog voice comes into my earphone will change accordingly.”

the technology must be similar to the Oculus Rift is used together with some of the equipment, the technology can be focused on the visual aspects of the augmented reality technology provide the beneficial help. In addition to games and entertainment, this technique can also be used in more fields.

Microsoft is the test of a new project to determine the 3 d audio technology feasibility and practicability in the field of visual impairment. Microsoft’s partners include the project Guide Dogs charity, Network Rail, Borough Council, Reading, Reading Buses, Future Cities Catapult (an urban planning company) and the supermarket giant Tesco.

users can put a position behind his skull bone conduction headphone, by smartphone pairing set up after the mini network composed of indoor and outdoor, the user can “hear” the situation around. On the headset bluetooth beacon is fixed on a certain object, the object will be collected data feedback to the user. In fact, this is equivalent to create a physical environment of the senses “and 3 d environment map with voice prompt, this technique may be used for GPS navigation, bus timing table even guide.

you might think, why Tesco also need this kind of technology? But for those who could not find the customer need the goods shelves, they will no longer need to search for seller about.

this technology is still in its early development stage at present, people are very concerned about how to use this technique to solve the problems in the reality, in view of this situation, the technology also need for people with a real need to develop more mobility and independence. ?


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