Microsoft or push the company 1020 second generation, photographed artifact’s successor

hunting cloud network on December 2

recently, reports that Microsoft is developing a new the company mobile phone, very large camera lens as previously the company 1020 41 million pixels. The concept of new phones figure comes from a Chinese auction website. The site exposure the code-named “Nokia RM – 1052”, carrying Windows Phone 8.1 system, with 2 gb of memory, and 5 inches hd screen. The phone’s biggest bright spot is conspicuous camera lens, fill up the whole aluminum alloy cover most of the.

although the news is likely to be orchestrated a rumor, but someone pointed out that some details still shows that the Phone is likely to be the prototype of Windows Phone. First, in this mysterious models on the back cover, engraved with the Nokia, and mobile phones in this picture looks like an unfinished work. We can see clearly, airframe adopt the aluminum alloy material, but the edge of the bottom of the fuselage is set with a layer of plastic. This design seem odd, but in fact help strengthen mobile phone signal. Nokia 515 ever using this design concept. In the design of the company 925, Nokia has also adopted a combined approach of polycarbonate and aluminum alloy.

there are also people who believe that the mysterious phone might be “Nokia McLaren” has been put on hold. As planned, “Nokia McLaren will carry” gesture of Microsoft mobile development for its device type operating functions. With the function of the McLaren without user contact phone screen can complete a series of operations. In the concept map, we see obviously physical buttons has been cancelled, instead, the system shows that virtual buttons. Indications that the mysterious phone is probably “Nokia McLaren. Although Microsoft didn’t give up research and development of its “3 d” touch technology, but McLaren production plan earlier this year seems to have been cancelled.

according to previous official details, McLaren has been described as “1020” the second generation of the company, because of its inherited the company 1020 high megapixel camera. In the concept map, we see we hard to speculate about the performance of the camera. Camera seems to be very big, but does not seem to be adopted as the company 1020 xenon flash, in addition, this kind of mobile phone camera does not seem to configure mechanical shutter.

about the exposure of the new mobile phone concept map, despite speculation, Microsoft has not made any instructions now.

pictured above is the company 1020


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