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on October 1, Beijing time morning news, Microsoft is at a new conference in San Francisco, formal foreign shows his new generation operating system, Windows 10. At the same time, the system to release the technical preview, the official version will be released in 2015. The accolade for the beginning of a new era by Microsoft operating system, whether really can lead Microsoft restore the retraction of the market at present, how to break the no 9 “save” rumor? Ok, let’s look at how win10 led many PC users to pack to force a take off together!

Win10 highlight and change

for the win10 the best change, attract the attention of people is returned to the start menu. Although 8.1 put forward again return to the start menu, but actually, it all. So, the real return to the start menu is, indeed, yield to mass strongly called for. In addition, the user can be placed in the custom menu space of your favorite applications and magnet. This is equivalent to a combination of Windows 7 and doing. And win10 did not abandon charm sidebar, did it can not only meet the old gens nostalgic feelings but also continue to go along with the change of after doing. Have to say that the designer after deliberation.

then can be worthy of our attention is win10 multiple desktops. It is similar to open the application way of OS X more fit the needs of business enterprise users. A new way of multitasking, new task view button, this kind of design for those who pursue practical pursuit of efficiency is very attractive.

and the most worth mentioning, in my opinion is win10 did coverage of the whole platform. Microsoft wants to build a unified app store in the future, win10 is indispensable operating platform. To search across equipment upgrade, the user can then no longer whether for mobile phone, tablet, and desktop… is limited. Follow one’s inclinations of the Settings, follow one’s inclinations of the jump, no matter whether can save the current downturn, Microsoft’s development team will be the user’s demand is on the first, the realistic spirit cannot be questioned.

Microsoft’s market ambitions

Microsoft released this win10 obviously, the purpose of the unity of meaning to use platform, borrow the advantage of PC snatched away by Chrome Mac Book Book and occupy market share.

when doing not have the desired reaction caused complain, but Microsoft has carried on the reflection. Before the Pc market share in make it occupy the top of a tycoon produced a sense of crisis. So, win10 appeared. (are no 9 in order to avoid conflict with small subsidiary, Win98 application bugs.)

the recent offensive momentum of Google and apple in the PC market is still rapidly. Although Microsoft is the first giant PC market, but in fact, the latest products unsatisfactory will let Microsoft into defensive posture. In order to keep the low price of the PC market, Microsoft has to provide part of the terminal free operating system. Microsoft would rather give up part of the profits to seize the customer, are determined.

Win10 whether Microsoft can lead to return to the path?

Win10 change not revolutionary in nature. More like Microsoft in order to consolidate the Windows user stickiness and will be clean up before and integration. Microsoft has fought hard to persuade the old users to upgrade, but Windows 7 and xp users too clinging to Microsoft. So, the Windows 10 is a kind of excessive. Microsoft wants to update their products, the front is still unclear.

by Windows 10, however, we can see the sincerity and dedication to Microsoft. The doing of ordinary users believe that won’t have too much on win10 objections.

for developers, they see win10 can have such a good versatility is also delighted program. In the future, win10 how to break the barriers between different devices, this let everybody have a lot of look forward to.

Win10 can save those who used to Windows 7 and xp in 15 years or ready to leave the user, the key lies in how much Microsoft can show its goods. In general, Microsoft currently is back on track.

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