Microsoft employees nearly 30% for asians, the proportion of women greatly increased

Beijing standard time on October 4th morning news, Microsoft released the latest data showed that women account for 29% of Microsoft’s global work force, up from 24% during the same period last year.

Microsoft announced on October 3rd the diversity of the latest report, and launched a new website about diversity and inclusion. Microsoft released the latest data include:

– in the past year, in Microsoft’s senior manager team, the proportion of women and minorities from 24% to 27%.

– women and minorities in Microsoft’s board of directors increased from 33% to 33%.

at present, in Microsoft’s staff, Europe and the United States white 60.6%, Asian 28.9%, Spain/latinos (5.1%), the United States/black African 3.5%, mixed 1.2%, accounted for 0.5% of the American Indian/Alaska natives, Hawaii/Pacific islander accounted for 0.3%.

however, if only focus on technical staff, so the proportion of women is only 17.1%.

as a comparison, Google’s latest diversity, according to 30% of its employees for women, 61% for the European and American white.

Microsoft executive vice President of human resources Lisa who (Lisa Brummel) send mail to Microsoft employees, announced the latest data.

source: sina science and technology

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