Microsoft answer a bad question: why do Surface is equipped with a stylus

30 seconds to do? If the Surface is advertising, the answer will be a lot. In the past two years, Microsoft has been to show Surface’s built-in full version of Office, PS images, wireless transmission to other computer equipment, etc. But one thing Microsoft does not explain, row to row on the screen to seemingly outdated today, why Surface also need a stylus?

so, the usefulness of the stylus of the Surface? According to Microsoft advertising, marked stylus is used to circle. Hunting cloud network editor jun in count Surface after all advertising and promotional video, the following conclusions, with readers!

in the latest series of video ads, in order to foil festival atmosphere, Microsoft chose “Winter Wonderland” as the theme of the AD 3 Surface Pro. Surface Pro 3 since its release in May, has been trying to fight the apple Macbook Air, in the advertisement shows the Surface Pro 3 for desktop applications, USB interface, can remove the keyboard base, with the support of the stylus, etc. Stylus demonstration function, as shown in the figure below:

in fact, this also is not a new feature, Microsoft show mainly in the Surface of the stylus circle tag, as shown in figure:

or draw a perfect circle, as shown in figure:

these can all be done through the fingers, not highlight of the stylus. And Microsoft for the stylus’s defence is that it is a useful calculation tool, especially for precise positioning of the architecture, surveying and mapping science or other design. Even just a simple drawing, stylus has perfect performance, the AD wrote “with Surface draw your story, or writing, or drawing, or painting, writing to provide you with the most true painting experience.”

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 configuration of the stylus feels dye-in-the-wood, science and technology is not just a pile of metal and plastic, with pressure sensors, pressure support. The location of the keys to a key cap wake or a button to turn off the OneNote. Can also use the stylus on the screen painting, after can be converted into electronic document, double click on the top screenshot function, using the tip of a indicates the position on the desktop computer is hard to click. And that the future users can set the side button to start the custom function.

in business targeted advertising, showed the Microsoft Surface and the whole function of the stylus. Many are simple case analysis type of advertising, such as schools, companies, hospitals are how to use the Surface. Can see that the architect is on the Surface in the advertisement design drawings, bankers and entrepreneurs on the Surface at the same time to sign the agreement. And a longer version of the TV ads, is between the NFL players and coaches, how to use the Surface touch pen to football games. These ads are understandable, but it is difficult to compress to 30 seconds, more importantly, to shape the stylus designed for professionals.

this idea at the same time also get the responses of the other technology companies are in for a special product development touch screen stylus. Samsung, in the part of the Galaxy on the mobile phone and tablet configuration stylus, and did not let the thickness of the product. Adobe, software development for its drawing pen and digital ruler, let users using simulation tool drawing. FiftyThree company, has launched application Paper is suitable for the painting, also to develop their own touch the brush.

at present, the biggest problem is that both iOS and Android, the vast majority of applications designed for tablets are based on the finger. Crowded bar menu display has been replaced with a list of form, to only show up when the user needs. The small icon was converted into easy finger click on the button. Microsoft is trying to the fusion of stylus and fingers in the Windows application experience, but other developers, there is no this plan. Can run in the Surface, for example, desktop software, but with a finger, will be very troublesome, so, stylus, it is not a special product, they could have become essentials that they cannot.

however, the Surface of the stylus is still in a precarious position. Stylus as of today’s tablet computer can’t be good human finger operation of irony, even though this article mentioned it useful. Rather than Microsoft is committed to promote the efforts of the stylus deviation from the nature, might as well think seriously about the development of the cause of the stylus, the value of it is not nearly so simple circle.


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