Micro public letter, how to do six months of 6 million fans?

cloud network hunting note: WeChat public number increase the difficulty of the fans is recognized. Some famous products WeChat operating personnel question quite helpless in the face of the boss: we have so many users, why WeChat only so few fans? , yes, existing users is the most important source of WeChat fans, even if you only have 1 million users, but as long as the right way, can be turned into 10000 fans, already has a great commercial value. Then the master key with five billion users, 6 months. 6 million fans, did it? WiFi master key beauty operation only after a 90 member key key, through her own experience, about how to obtain 6 million fans, and how to keep these fans.

6 million fans of secret: how the user number into public fans

1, the product itself is the users about your reasons.

WeChat operations there are a lot of tricks, like the restaurant in order to get free Internet service, used to send a small fish, or is all sorts of small gifts, prompted the guest. Effective? Have been the attention, but the proportion is not high.

WiFi master key beauty operation key key said, it is important to recognize that the user is like your products, fish, everyone can send, only is others cannot provide according to the features of your product.

WiFi master key reasons of hundreds of thousands of fans, the daily growth from several major activities based on the product itself. Prior to the release of 3.0 private activities, for example, each user must by micro letter to the activation code, to test 3.0, ahead of only the users is a more than 2 million people. And the master key that smart team more therefore selected a group of loyal users, help 3.0 to find out a lot of bugs, better improve the product.

such as master key ChinaNet free Internet access, users will need to get the activation code by micro letter, can open this function.

the advantage is that the user to be able to use the latest version of the first to realize the free Internet access requirements, also can become a product of monitors, hit the nail on the head of the opinions. But distributed activation code also to have certain standards, such as early middle-late a fixed time every day, each issue hundreds of activation code, and then remind everybody to receive quickly, the effect is very good.

2. Lower the threshold of the public product users micro letter number

many people feel that focus on micro letter fan operation is easy, so a lot of people ignored the looks the most humble is the most important thing. After the key key more than once, see the fans on the WiFi master key public number after complaining is passed only difficulty focus on success. Frankly, WiFi master key public “WiFiMasterKey”, does the ghastly length, therefore, key key purposely and technicians to find a solution. Another key key before they found in the product page, recommend WeChat public attention, is also do enough close, so the key is key of the people responsible for product technical after two days and three night again and again modification and testing, finally fix the problem.

now, WiFi master key users, only need to enter the “more” at the bottom of the products, choose “pay attention to our WeChat”, and then will start automatically WeChat account, then the program will guide you step by step to complete attention, this way for don’t know the number of WiFi master key public friends, need not spell, just click on the line. Key key revealed that this method is mainly designed for older users, welcomed by the majority of users of the after launch, become the public attention, the most used method and also imitated by many other products.

3. Joint friends with rose powder

in addition, don’t forget the friend can help you with rose powder. Said the joint some excellent public key key, send fans some benefits, you will be very interested. Such as movie tickets, phone CARDS and so on, there are a lot of fans want. But for cooperation way and content, and several companies need to early to ready, such as WiFi before the master key and a great cooperation activities, such as when the effect is very good, a rose powder, there are tens of thousands of, and such effect is the key key and business, technology students took a few nights to be ready.

How to make 6 million fans to stay?

1. Content is king, to keep fans, a first fan’s heart, it is very important to interesting content

micro letter no. The public can keep fans, but the key also depends on the quality of the content, make content, the key is to find out their own positioning. Master key is too good, can let users to spend more time on the Internet, a lot of three or four line city, not knowing what to do on the Internet, in a public letter master key, push in a lot of interesting things.

now WiFi master key public, every article reading for up to 10 w +, most of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of reading, forward quantity also have tens of thousands, or tens, explain to the appetite of fans. Additional content should have their own characteristics, such as WiFi master key now fixed columns the daily will see, I was most followers like, every time send two hours later, read a few have more than 100000.

in addition, many of the so-called WeChat marketing experts claim, content delivery time is also very important. Key key think there may be differences, but the difference is not obvious, WiFi master key public number are generally push around noon or 2 o ‘clock, result is pretty good also.

2. Play the effect of 1 + 1 is greater than 2, let fans willing to stay by your side.

let users willing to stay in WeChat among the public, the most core is to form a good development model of UGC. Contribute now master key development window, a few weeks time it received more than 30000 manuscripts, the beauty operation part key key selected excellent content every day, and share with everyone, and encourage everyone to continue to contribute, to encourage, to form a benign circulation.

6 million fans not just reading and enthusiastic participation. Will the enthusiasm fully mobilize, form the developing mode of UGC, this is WiFi master key number than other micro letter public life longer.

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