Micro: he emphasises privacy protection of lesbian and gay social applications

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there are media reports that shenzhen’s “little red riding hood” event in the video the black man is due to the exposure of sexual orientation and was dismissed, or cause the country’s first gay workplace discrimination case. At that time, “comrade” mouth to the opinion of the winds and waves. Before cloud network reported a hunting, since love is regardless of gender, let it more pure. Hunting today cloud network to introduce another main privacy protection of comrade friends phone APP: micro him.

he is chengdu micro I network technology company’s products. Founder Zhang Yuchen after 90 is one of the founders, high school began to programming, there are 7 years experience in Internet technology. Zhang Yuchen told hunting cloud network, because oneself and another member is a comrade, intimate understanding of the field of comrade the status quo, at the same time have conceived the idea of a long time, so he started the project “micro his comrades”. At present, micro his team a total of nine people. Six people were technology research and development, design 2 people, 2 operations.

“micro” he emphasizes to build a high quality gay dating software to protect the privacy of users. By introducing a new mechanism of “CARDS”, targeted solution to different degree of privacy concerns, to better stimulate users upload real image and the real data of the individual, attract more potential customers. Micro since he android software version is launched in early may, has accumulated more than 50 users, launched in early November IOS version.

he didn’t do STH unconventional or unorthodox in UI design, simple and pure and fresh, similar to the traditional IM. Open his APP, users can use the true and false photos to create their own CARDS, four card only have a real picture of the individual, mixing up gay friends and straight men photos together, only after both sides have chosen each other real photos to see each other’s true information.

the photo selection, hunting cloud network to understand his choice for other three photos of micro can be upload users themselves also can is common random photos inside the system, there are some users willing to put your own photo sharing, will also appear in the system of random pictures, if the user feel too much difference between photo can change a batch. He since version 2.0, comrade launched an exclusive group and super comrade of IM, strengthen the function of burn after reading, receives data, only in a given time can look at it.

more active in the field of a vertical social Zank, Blued, Jackd applications, such as micro he how to gain more users from so many competitors? “The appearance of his CARDS to play a certain extent solved the gay friends in the process of dating, or don’t know each other long what kind chat very congenial, meet the results after” see the light death “awkward, or the beginning communication for each other’s photos, let each other’s communication feel the nature of some of the” about “.” Micro Zhang Yuchen tell hunting cloud network, his friendship patterns is built on both sides “V” (see) in the real photos of each other, avoid embarrassing, made more realistic, smooth communication with each other.

when it comes to the development of the micro after he Zhang Yuchen told hunting cloud network, the future will rely on him on micro dating software, provide value-added services, advertising cooperation comrade, e-commerce, travel, online resource exchange mode to achieve the purpose of profit.

micro his team won the first seed investment in March this year, at present, the ongoing angel round.

Micro he

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