Micro habits: use of fragmented time, develop good personal habits

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in the fast pace of urban life, people want to develop good habits, improve their quality of life, but suffer from poor self-control, or lack of motivation, often backfire. Some seemingly simple things, such as fitness, weight loss, to eat breakfast, or back in half an hour every day words, write a diary in English, there are still the majority of people can’t do. Reason may be that the job is busy, dinner party, or to insist on and forget to directly.

in the mobile Internet immersed Liu Zhimeng has seized the opportunity for many years. “Habit” efficiency class application software is a free life. Using the sign-in, interactive forms, satisfy people increasingly concerned about the health and demand. Let users use of fragmented time to supervise themselves and habits, with the habit of efficiency supervision, stimulate users to perserve the binding. “With good positive energy to help people develop good habits, improve the quality of life.”

it is understood that the product mainly service is composed of students and office workers crowd of young group. “Habit” good habits can be divided into several categories, such as: the most popular class, easy to get into class, change yourself, slimming, health care, fitness exercise, life style, take them, and so on. Also according to the different period of time, to launch a new category, for example: autumn necessary habit and so on. At the same time support for users to add, custom create need to develop new habits. The user can also use interactive platform for online communication habits. “Habit” also provides statistics report, the alarm clock to remind, offline sign-in functions, users can add buddy “square” function, set the “habit of privacy”, can also be used to share to the third party platform.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, “habit” CEO Liu Zhimeng and most of the members are from the former net dragon company, 91 team members working cooperation for many years, early work together to issue too many mobile phone games, and an APP. “Habit” micro “is the direction of team entrepreneurship and transformation on a try.” Liu Zhimeng convective cloud network said. “Modern people’s health is full of positive energy demands. How to grasp their own physical and mental health, to better serve the needs of society and the development, is the core problem in front of everyone. And really positive energy is need their own continuous efforts, a good habit, regardless of its size, the impact of all will be enormous, is good for one’s life.”

“habits” design reference Liu Zhimeng said a lot of excellent foreign APP, eventually adopted small pure and fresh style, the blue and white, concise atmospheric. Easy to get started, the alarm clock function can be set according to the need of the users themselves to a single habit different remind time, thus to avoid some forget omissions; Statistics can function on users sign in once a month, a system can be more intuitive to see the completion of the habit for every month; “Habit” at the same time also have square interactive function, users can see the other users through habits in the square, and efforts to drip out of, let users better share their diary “habit”. “GTD application of the current market, such as the way of life, clear, etc.,” habit “community-based hope is can make the product, guide the users to share professional knowledge, supervise each other and progress.”

the initial online App Store for new product and product page list is recommended. “APP current use is now close to millions of people, the future will focus on the user habit data collection analysis, establish communities habits, good habits help more people.” Liu Zhimeng said.

Micro habit

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