Micro errand: little time to make money?

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the moving characteristic of the mobile Internet, make geographic boundaries, more convenient to use, access to information more readily available. So, make little time use is possible. Use of mobile Internet, crowdsourcing business model can be directly into the existing market, and is not affected by factors such as geographical, time limit, implementing flexible labor employment.

“errands” App is a B2C tasks based on the pattern of crowdsourcing docking platform, users can complete the enterprise with fragmentation time on mobile phone platform released a variety of tasks, to earn rewards. Using the characteristics of mass users online for a long time, let the platform users by mobile phone at any time the client receiving the task, to complete the task, submit a result, the entire via mobile data exchange. Micro job mainly include retail, activities, inspection, mobile phone research, trial experience, data acquisition and other various tasks, the corresponding customer base mainly covers 18 to 39 years old young people across the country, including men, women, young mothers, students, full-time workers, etc., which groups of people, because neither has immeasurable free time to take advantage of.

founder pei Jiao served as oracle’s north American development manager, involved in the development of the first generation of electric business platform iStore. Now responsible for the company’s vision, the development of comprehensive strategy and organizational structure; Co-founder BuJun former Coca-Cola business sales work of the leadership of the consultant, the micro errands, led the whole operation, market, HR team and auxiliary support in business development module. Micro job task initially the crowdsourcing model idea, is from the co-founder BuJun.

BuJun in Coca-Cola company use their accumulated business inspection experience for many years, to recognize that in the consumer retail business operation, cost, coverage, efficiency is most consumer concern of the company. Companies in many processes need to seek outside force, force of relying on the masses to finish is a good choice. Because this is the enterprise operating efficiency higher at the same time, the cost is reduced, achieve efficiency greatly.

BuJun told hunting cloud network reporter: “for example, FMCG sales into different channels, restaurants, shopping malls and even the Internet bar, is different for different channels sell law, different price and different ways of sales executive. “Meticulous, trivial information, such as, to sell what product, how much is how display shelf, display surface, what is the comparison with competitors, where is the promotional posters, etc. The information is difficult to collect. “In response, some enterprises is to hire a third party. But as a result, information update slow, cost is high, and it is difficult to cover three or four line city. Why different through the crowdsourcing model, to the public to do is to package, user nearby to check, low cost, fast speed, “BuJun tell hunting cloud network.

at present, the job has more than 200 registered users, from the national 334 cities, sinking to 4-6 cities, villages and towns. Issued a total of more than one million, and a total cash more than millions of dollars to return to the user. In December 2013, the task has been completed $3.5 million A round of funding, will launch in November this year new version 2.0. Not only on product function optimization, but also pay more attention to the user experience of ascension.

in the future, the job is expected to become the “job” is more interesting, let the user see advertising fee. Now people usually use of subway time to play games, but if people take this time to make to see a ads, answer a few simple questions, for users to conveniently when commuting to do a task can be worth the cost, for advertisers, did not become a new kind of delivery mode.

Micro job

Company: Shanghai million yu network technology co., LTD.

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