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in the era of information explosion, a lot of information into our eyes, while the rise in social media fragmentation is further information. Don’t like text, pictures, images as easily cutting unit in the process of passing information by users. It is well known that sets is a forerunner of photo sharing platform, due to them was born in foreign countries, restricted by factors such as language and cultural environment, sets for Chinese users are not kind. So how to use the social property of image sharing profit space, meet the demand of community and mining is indeed a problem should be considered.

in the era of reading, the picture of the domestic social applications also blossom everywhere. Single from the audience cognition, there is no an application in the mixed stand out in competitive environment. In April this year a new online like the melon is a photo sharing platform, provide professional share photos online social networking applications. Hunting cloud network understand, like the melon initially launched in October 2013 by the city group in one hundred, the positioning of the products is “photo + social + shopping” in the integration of social electric business platform, and the new xi melon aim is to tailor is simple and easy to use for Chinese mobile photo sharing platform.

xi tonal give priority to with light green melon interface design, interface design is very concise, integral style flat design style with the main colour collocation reveals the fashion like melons. In xi melon, users can share and friends to share the beautiful, appreciation and collection like the beautiful, at any time the user can also “discovery” of like-minded friends, to play the popular topic and labels. According to the hunting cloud network experience, users can also encounter obvious talent, find the different way of life.

open like melons App, the first to receive all kinds of friends from attention and for people to share the beautiful pictures, users can upload their favorite photos to share with others. Like the melon support sina weibo account, tencent weibo account three ways and QQ account login directly; If registered xi account, simply enter a phone number and set the password to complete registration, quick and easy to operate. Due to support escrow account login the melon, melon can be directly through a third party at account users to find friends already in xi melon, directly increase the interactivity of xi melon, melon cultivation so as to solve xi stickiness of key points.

like melons in the photo editing screen, contains filter, blur, brightness, rotation and five functions, and the filter is the key of the xi melon on. Like the melon’s built-in filter with rum, mint, caramel, champagne tastes. When users browse these names in your mind will naturally according to the color provided by these names to the filter has a general concept; At the same time, these from the filter’s name in the life, also close the distance between xi melon and user, fewer early GeMoGan it with some mobile phone App, were also more likely to let the user operation or filters.

hi melon pictures in addition to the filter function, also have adjust photo background blur function. In addition, you can through the adjustment of the brightness and contrast, precise control color photos.

familiar sets a user know, classification by means of tag photos, also convenient used by other label see you interested in photography. Xi melon also adopt the way of the tag classification, and sets different is, like the melon all tags are set in the form of Chinese from the troubles brought by the language barrier.

at present, xi melon support apple Ios and Google Android smartphones free download. Hunting cloud network understand that in the future like the melon exploration of business model, based on high quality image sharing fusion map reading under the function of shopping, in the domestic traditional electricity function under the condition of saturated break traditional rendering mode, to the user in a whole new shopping experience.

like melons
Time: in April 2014,

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