Meizu MX4 step out of the box is too big flaw incompletely

cloud network hunting on September 9 (word/Jivi)

on September 2, suppressed for a whole year of meizu finally released a new generation of flagship – MX4. The price of 1799, 2070 w pixels, MTK solution triggered exclaimed with a question.

hunting cloud network has got MX4 prototype, using two days later, to bring us a simple box.

MX4 packaging is still the continuation of the previous secretary meizu phone yes packaging design, the overall simple and clear. Despite a meizu identification, a MX4 icon leaves three lines of color extremely weak yield is introduced.

xiao yun to prototype, so there is a “SAMPLE” prototype labeling.

out of the figure. There is a MX4 mobile, manual, power adapter, cable.

Before and after the

phone with dust-proof membrane, dust-proof membrane with mobile phone instructions, by the way, indicate the key position and role, card slot, the back cover opening method.

xiao yun is from here that the meizu phone home button on the slide gestures is to return… Xiao yun has close MX2, MX3, MX4, from flyme2.0 to 4.0 this gesture.

here to say is: the meizu have long press the home key lock screen gestures with voice assistant shortcuts, lock screen have to press the power button, will pain for used the function of the user. And past unlock gesture is replaced by double-clicking on the screen, need to open in the set.

with the front panel of glue suspension technology, there are 100000 turn down side milling cutter milling.

MX3 compared with MX4 home screen interface.

the back view.

metal frame, open hole, with the cavity, microUSB, Mic.

MX4 night tear sheet. Mid-Autumn festival night.

users pay attention to several problems

system stability.

MX4 current carrying system version based on the android 4.4.2 Flyme4.0 A, this version of the system is not yet perfect. The use of two days of though card machine crash restart did not happen, but there have been some application crashes, function failure. The app store and download and install collapse phenomenon, and the application of camera flash camera is making and skin care function also is unable to use.

when night shooting pictures of camera does not capture best flash effect, is the photos of the camera to find out beauty effect, not beautiful face all white place! Address book can’t import (this is the most serious problem). But is a software problem.

this kind of situation is on the one hand and flyme4 relative to flyme3 add system function too much, hard to step optimization in place; On the one hand, the first time with the meizu with mediatek plans; While on the other hand is with xiao yun download several hundreds of M on mobile phone test app, game.

the other is normal, the system is very smooth, even with a few hundreds of M’s app.

life problems.

MX4 of contrast before the meizu phone I don’t know where is excellent! High strength in use in xiao yun (to play big games, listening to music, all kinds of test), easily get through the day.

and fever is not as hot as previous conference display prototype, in equilibrium mode play for an hour, then in a state of partial warm. If it is a big game is global warm state, hot did not happen.

and you worry about mediatek scheme “overwhelmed” problem, don’t have any feeling. In the GPU test, cell phone most of the time frame rate in more than 60 FPS. But have some frames in the desktop switching low feeling, but it is also associated with flyme4 icon is too large, after using the color slants dark, small ICONS, frames the feeling of too low a certain improvement. But this really should attract the attention of meizu engineer.

the subsequent xiao yun will bring you detailed review.

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