Meizu MX4 review: we watch them look good

hunting cloud network October 13 (word/Jivi)

MX4 released on September 2, with 1799 yuan price plus excellent technology brought in machine market brings no small impact. Cloud network hunting MX4 in trial after a month to bring us a detailed evaluation.

about configuration, released in MX4, hunting cloud network have been summarized in detail analysis, here no longer, you can walk,.

but before the configuration, there are many fuzzy, xiao yun after and meizu verification, confirmation for everybody here:

MX4 adopt independent Fujitsu dual-core ISP processor, MT6595 USES is GC6200 dual-core graphics processor, not quad-core, meizu aspects has confirmed that the data is wrong, has been changed.

sample comment:

TuShang MX4 front panel.

MX4 continuation of meizu previous round airframe design, thin than previous generations of mobile phone, but it is too round, xiao yun the aesthetics of a direct can not stand, I also feel very ugly. But holding the accepted point of view, we watch them accepted.

the meizu the metal frame exposed finally, brought MX4 more elements, but although a lot of detail, but the design details “hide too deep”, always let a person feel too lightly. Like the ultra narrow border trimming and get really not pay attention to in hand.

the meizu has been used is put screen, has a unique “reputation” of the screen. MX4 is no exception, of course, a 5.36 -inch screen, the screen diagonal) area basically reached the other mainstream 16:9 screen the size of 5.5 inches.

the meizu of screen technology of the accused have been improved, TOL all joint screen mirror effect is good, especially under the edge of the black screen, reached almost negligible. But some also think has a black border around the screen look better…

because this time the MX4 is larger than any previous generation of meizu phone, are thin, the final result is feel a little flat wave, will fly at any time, with MX3 can’t handle.

of course, with a variety of other than luo hands, hold the phone, MX4 this 5.5 “screen width is equal to the other phone, xiao yun in the small hand up without pain, and actually can one hand covers almost the entire screen.

xiao yun and then find a hand smaller still fat fat paper, this goods can also be easily mastered. It has to do with MX4 streamline the back design, when the hand grip, at least four points can be found, so that the palm of your hand can easily will be moved to the position of the finger to touch the screen, and the center of gravity without any instability.

MX4 customised screen is sharp, the proportion of, and this time also joined the special optimization on the process, before the “mass xiang” event of the other screen Angle polarization phenomenon does not appear here.

this meizu didn’t blow, a.

to concessions to highlight the aviation aluminum alloy frame, MX4 back shell abandoned the past double injection molding process, to switch to the polycarbonate plastic plus one plus the propaganda Babyskin coating, even after the meizu phone shell is easy to dirty problem to solve.

cloud network to hunting is grey version of the prototype, the imitation of metallic film of matte shell, what do you think how to have a sense of touch through oil be bored with child, but if use other color may be less effective.

plastic shell after beautiful would not have been easy to want to do, like meizu before the double injection molding is a very good solution, from one plus like to choose a backgammon coating process makes sense, zte, huawei is the complex shape design to highlight the charm of HTC are accustomed to using the transition of flattering color material combination.

plastic technology have much more room for customization, bought the grey version of the students, after ready money to buy all kinds of custom shell. Xiao yun more white version listed as early as possible.

more sample images, can be set.

Design details:

MX4 for meizu consistent can open shell don’t change the battery design, after a lot of people ridicule, many of the design, but xiao yun is more like the design. Because xiao yun really can’t stand on the metal frame, dial the slice with throwing to changing all kinds of CARDS.

and replaceable battery problem, people fell very worried about the quality of the replaceable battery – after all, not replace the battery whether current stability, small footprint, not easy to appear the quality problem. And replaceable batteries used both in basic is the nonconforming product.

MX4 metal frame of process design is very careful, all kinds of groove edge no burr rough the processing of detail, and at the bottom of the design is very delicate, the bottom of the long side with concave processing, to reduce stress concentration,. It seems only slightly alters the CNC program. But for the subsequent milling, had a significant impact on the coating.

meizu’s handling of this detail, as you can see the meizu’s attitude to product process, you can line up again and said jack is so stupid. but meizu is also reassuring on this point.

flash double color temperature, the volume keys, headphones, camera features. Outer convex, have excellent camera technique metal outer ring inlaid with lens detailed level off, smooth to the touch.

in the design, the casing outside the metal is the front panel trimming the camera interface, shell and metal wire, metal buttons steep-sided, headphones mouth section and so on all sorts of foil width and mutual echo, distinct.

with the cavity, microUSB, Mic and back cover mouth open mouth. Here, everyone be careful when you open the back cover, because borders within the obvious edges and corners, had better not be scratched around. Easy to hurt the nails.

power button hole, headsets, cameras and noise features.

power button above the fuselage, there are many people on this fun. But because the meizu of good control of industrial design, control is not arduous, it didn’t have to say.

but actually the power button on the fuselage side easily confused with the volume button, don’t know how many readers like xiao yun, often at the point when the volume button also must think about “what exactly is it?” , so people don’t like to put the power button on the fuselage side, basic software lock screen lock.

after the shell close-up, pay attention to shell card buckle, redesign is according to the mechanical properties. Is graphite heat dissipation of paper in the middle.

the other: through the front several back cover sample, we should clearly see the back cover open big long gap card buckle is lax, significantly beyond the process connection, have caused the into ashes. Xiao yun to prototype applauded at the camera button will ring. Meizu in response to this has been resolved in production machine.

related problems:

hunting cloud network to get the prototype belongs to the engineering machine, do manual work is still a lot of problems.

the first point is the point of rubber suspension dispensing process on screen, as shown below in the prototype and there is no point to glue. After hunting cloud network with the feedback, meizu has given reply said production machine has solved the related process defects.

but xiao yun really didn’t feel the floating panel of 0.03 mm. Screen and frame of at least 0.3 mm. But from a technology standpoint should still very thin, the metal frame is equivalent to a slot wedge, on the “wedge” point gluing pressure into the trough, wants to pressure how thin is more thin, of course, depending on the liquid surface tension, the limit is different also.

so the meizu of 0.03 mm still have to have according to.

the metal frame is after coating, it is inevitable there is the risk of scratches. After dropped a dozen times (never in their hands and ground) and finally have a play too risk, jump to the concrete, so the MX4 lucky to get the individual customization.

as shown in figure, the power button on the right, but not obvious, the wound is not open, is very shallow small oval point. Heart big people basically nothing, virgo will get saddled cases.

the meizu to xiao yun’s reply is, MX4 border strengthening coating strength at least with the grade of the iPhone5s, but didn’t get the concrete intensity data.

border elsewhere have protective coating, stroke prevention ability is no problem, but positive edges are different. As shown in figure noise reduction mouth next to Nick.

buy set.

in the experience the meizu MX4 a month later, xiao yun already accustomed to the MX4 flat is dimension, there wasn’t much angular size accustomed too flat. Look out of the oval shape of the ugly, notice the less obvious technological details. Began to accept MX4 looks, implicit echo everywhere let me feel or a bit beautiful, process is really impressive.

all involve operating experience, meizu have been detailed optimization, perfect in the domestic mobile phone experience.

as people attention to too rounded body tired, to foil the technological design of each detail, xiao yun again over a period of time should think MX4 is very beautiful. Is just the adaptation time is too long.

and then chat with a local tyrants MX4, I said, meizu technology, as well as details so good, is not willing to part with or use will shape design and easy points, almost don’t do any modified transition, in shape and appearance is too ugly.

local tyrants: buy you something that you have a few material good? Process will stop. Defective goods that can only see appearance design, good thing depends on technology, who gave you a few pieces of hair embryo of spell to spell to spoil things? You go to the panjiayuan, is the process.

he said very reasonable, I was speechless…

these are the appearance of the MX4 process evaluation, the next hunting cloud network for Flyme 4 detailed evaluation, stay tuned.

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