Meizu can prepare ali Cloud Card ecology?

hunting cloud network October 22 (word/water Yan)

the day before yesterday in Beijing, ali has just released the latest version of the operating system. Is follow the meizu held yesterday we lift the meizu ali YUNOS strategic cooperation conference, released based on YUNOS underlying Flyme, particular kept ali Cloud Card service framework. At this point, the meizu ali flew past cooperation finally fall to the ground.

of course, this content will also show thin, so the meizu and released the double tenth day cat flagship store of 1 w MX4 local tyrants gold version, blade section, the grey version up 10 w.

then, Dr Ali’s jian wang came to power speech. Finished.

so the release of what’s happening with Flyme YUNOS the bottom? xiao yun first answer for you this a few doubts.

the first is whether the YUNOS too niche , produces the application experience of poor situation?

this question has less. Because android YUNOS can good adaptation, so in terms of application USES, you can need not worry. Therefore, linked to Google for YUNOS block, a lot of people’s understanding of YUNOS is: this is a lot of modified android at the bottom of the customized operating system.

the second is the meizu whereto cooperation with ali? YUNOS?

currently published both cooperation content only Flyme YUNOS the bottom. Reserved YUNOS services are: Cloud Card service framework, system security management software, ali’s Cloud services, apis, ali’s notice information push at the bottom of the pay structure.

system security management software, and other underlying services reserved can understand, but for the hair to the Cloud Card “white elephants” to stay?

looks like meizu this time is to help promote ali ali’s latest Cloud ecological Card service.

What on earth is

Cloud Card? Let ali so difficult to talk about the product always die pick jack at the risk be scold, for its platform?

about Cloud Card, in hunting Cloud network article of YUNOS conference there have been, but also some details description does not reach the designated position, xiao yun are introduced here.

ali the Cloud Card technology transfer from the past, actually is a time when YUNOS generation of web applications, with the light in the browser to apply similar concepts. Underlying grounding ali just went a step further, directly into the system, can be directly coupled system other apis (for example: voice, positioning, and audio) were used.

from the aspects of function, Cloud Card is similar to a direct WeChat public account, baidu, Google Now, IFTTT collection . specific collection to what extent, it is not clear, should be the official application functions of ali can call.

so, think tencent’s attitude towards the micro letter public account, baidu 360 expectations of their own direct number to store, Google’s emphasis on Google Now can understand for such a ali has not too big breakthrough in the mobile Internet giant, ecological value in this system.

android applications, due to adaptation YUNOS application doesn’t own ecosystem, the heavy duty application will never belongs to own ecological ali. It worked so hard to spend huge sum of money to build an operating system is a little isn’t worth the feeling of when ali, and Cloud Card is for the sake of his service entrance, ali and from YUNOS create a to belong to ali’s ecology.

say Cloud Card is ali for so long really want to do. But YUNOS too little number of users, the user viscosity is lower and simply can’t afford to support Cloud Card ecology.

in contrast, meizu, though users is low, but with its super user viscosity, plenty of die-hard fans, his tongue had been raised on the application of ecological. Take has been maligned SmartBar, meizu fans, all the leading app website, BBS collective win by Posting and demonstration.

and unity of quality and mass because meizu users, making this group is very dear to many application developers good propaganda effect, willing to fit the meizu platform. This is on ali. but this may be a bit of wishful thinking – because meiyou has been maintained is a product of meizu, Cloud of ali Card cold not cold really to say.

but concerning with the concept of love me, love my dog, the meizu can still for ali Cloud Card ecology brings a big energy, especially if the future Cloud Card for Flyme design language adaptation. Believe that at present the meizu and ali have such a plan.

and the other a bigger question is: Flyme YUNOS the bottom in the meizu of product shipped? Is pure users active flash? For this problem the two sides also did not give a specific answer.

in conclusion, the meizu of ali’s latest Cloud Card system or have a certain positive role, but will have but how much energy, it is not clear yet.

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