Mei ya makeup: O2O makeup service for women

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according to CNNIC, as of June 2014, scale of mobile Internet users in China reached $527 million, while women the potential size of the APP market to reach 270 million. Women look at present relatively popular APP and is in the development of niche, like female menstrual period application a great, beautiful pomelo; Shoppers application beauty said, mushroom street; Social circle of girlfriends; Nail application beaver family; Hair, bobo web applications. Today hunting cloud network to introduce another perpendicular to the makeup artist in the field of O2O application – “beauty ya cosmetics”.

beauty ya makeup is a subsidiary of Shanghai sheng network technology co., LTD products, launched in August this year. Its predecessor is the main wedding with makeup “with makeup assistant”, later renamed as “beauty ya cosmetics”. Tell hunting cloud network founder mahakasyapa, “we found after the user demand for life makeup is more than need wedding with makeup user, based on the cause of the audience and user frequency we made a change.”

in mei ya makeup, based on the geographical position, the user can find the nearest makeup makeup service booking. Mei ya makeup after the client order, go to the customer designated service location, make-up, cosmetics from mei ya have parts available, there are also some provided by makeup artists themselves. Mei ya makeup artist after receiving the order will be confirmed by telephone communication with customers, under normal circumstances would arrive within an hour. After the completion of service, customers need to evaluate the makeup service, order is not effective, makeup girl to receive the service fees.

if the appointment of a makeup artist temporarily fail, the user can call beauty YaKe, provide the order number, mei ya will full return and the influence of the corresponding compensation to the customer, at the same time the corresponding makeup artist to make corresponding punishment.

in the choice, the makeup artist mahakasyapa told hunting cloud network, ya beauty makeup girl at least one year working experience, through induction mei ya official can only be through the strict technical reviews, and guarantee the real-name authentication, mei ya after every makeup artist will be buying makeup professional liability insurance, guarantee the makeup makeup door safety and ensure the safety of the client’s family property. Currently has more than 400 part-time professional makeup girl into “beauty ya cosmetics”.

now, “mei ya makeup” service is just covered in the Shanghai area, mahakasyapa told hunting cloud network, mei ya makeup to do the Shanghai market, pattern details after the completion of polishing will be nationwide.

beauty ya makeup

company: Shanghai sheng network technology co., LTD.


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