Mayer acquisition at to the cable television, Scripps CNN or into a target

note: hunting cloud in meyer launched the biggest action is acquired after yahoo CEO, and more is a start-up team in the field of mobile, intended to strengthen the commanding heights of the mobile business in the future. For yahoo, this still does not have obvious improvement. As Netflix on the success of the film and television content, mayer began to look at to cable TV companies, through the network advertising, television advertising is perhaps the next step, and the opportunity to strengthen the video content. The following content by Business Insider reports, tencent’s translation of science and technology are as follows:

according to the two former employees of yahoo, yahoo CEO marissa? Mayer (Marissa Mayer) and company executives have considered buying a cable company to revive the past glory.

first of all, to be sure, mayer and yahoo consider acquiring premium cable company Scripps Networks Interactive. Invested by yahoo’s alibaba has carried on the IPO in 2014, meyer and other yahoo executives believe that yahoo can get from alibaba listed in the process of billions of dollars in profits, and then began to consider acquiring Scripps. Scripps institution of the current market value of about $10 billion, which owns seven cable channels, including home Channel HGTV, gourmet Food Network Network magazine and the Travel Channel Travel Channel.

yahoo may have potential deals with Scripps institution for at least two ways for merger talks. According to sources from yahoo, yahoo has to buy Food Network start negotiations with Scripps. Since then, yahoo try to ask the possibility of acquisition of Scripps’s all business. But we also cannot pass other yahoo news source to verify the accuracy of the news.

in addition, yahoo may also interested in buying U.S. cable news network (CNN). According to an industry with yahoo executives familiar with the media, said yahoo intentionally from time warner acquisition rumors CNN in the summer of this year was the “nose have eyes”. The sources speculate that yahoo’s acquisition of CNN’s market price is likely to between $5 billion to $6 billion.

user is interested in buying insider explains Scripps first-hand news,

? Scripps many media brand can meet the demand of customers of yahoo’s largest: women over the age of 25 and 35;

? Scripps has many audience favorite brand content;

? On the Food Network video content has a longer validity: a filmed in 2010 making pasta still has to watch video, and still have sponsored AD value in 2015;

? Yahoo’s marketing team have the ability to integrate the TV advertising and online advertising, so as to improve the income of two big advertising channels;

? If yahoo one day want to launch similar Netflix long video content, with cable television network will help the company to reduce risk. Once launched yahoo TV set can’t earn a net friend, at least can also be shown on TV.

The U.S. tech news site Information The writer Tom? Dolan (Tom Dolan) blog guess said earlier this week, yahoo will soon buy CNN. He said in a blog post, a technology company and a cable company reached a “certain trade” in advance.

dolan wrote: “several large technology company’s shares are at or near record levels, and other big technology firms are flush with cash needs to be configured. At the same time, the media companies in the market environment of hot water. Especially cable company, they charge the profit pattern of cable TV service fee already moss-grown, most companies are trying to come up with a strategy of digital content, including publishing video content on the Internet, which can save at least partially lost customer group.

but for the moment, yahoo will not Scripps m&a in the short run. Yahoo is likely to be paid at least $15 billion to buy the Scripps. From a technical point of view, if Scripps shareholders are willing to accept yahoo shares, yahoo is fully able to afford such a big deal. Yahoo’s market value has been hovering around $50 billion. Yahoo was to have such a big market, because the company has a large stake in Asia’s two big Internet company: alibaba and yahoo Japan.

recently, a lot of yahoo’s big shareholders have said, suggested that mayer and yahoo will hold the Asian assets, and selling them to return money to shareholders. They are against yahoo will money for large external acquisition. Big shareholders generally accepted practice is that yahoo will be split into two listed companies: a yahoo’s Asian assets; Another hold yahoo’s core business. Hold the core business of the new yahoo market valuation between $5 billion to $10 billion, coincided with the Scripps now flat.

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