Maybe the only way to save 12306 is: give the website to ma


cloud network hunting note: at the end of last year, 12306 serious users’ personal data leak site, if you lose confidence in its? Although ticketing network from 12306 until now has always been to ridicule, but it as train tickets online sales monopoly, we still need to use it. So how to solve this problem? The authors put forward the original ideas.

from the Chinese government to operate online ticket sales website 12306 put into operation since the day met all kinds of problems. 12306 nets in the first travel peak of operations were paralyzed, since the 12306 net is becoming a hot spot of ridicule, does not handle refund, cheat customers, commitment to launch an app, but have no commitments, for many years after they sink in, and then put forward by people, but then then is still does not keep the promise; Too numerous to enumerate the absurdity of departure/arrival time, faced with the problem of corruption and graft, close to a third party service to fix its mistake, and so on.

this is just a run of three years of service, has been so many problems, but recent events may be the worst: since 12306 site security holes, 140000 users personal information leakage. Leaked data including personal id number, email address, and telephone number, the unencrypted text passwords being compromised.

after the spill, 12306 website issued a statement denying the leaked information from its database, and claims that don’t store user text passwords. The site, on the other hand, ticket buyers statement data were leaked, third-party plug-ins and applications among Chinese Internet users like to use a large part of the third party plugins and applications tickets, so they did not have direct access to 12306 sites. (and, according to a report of hacking by leaking data to other sites to 12306 web database)

but actually leak data from 12306 web site or a third-party plug-in, this problem is not important. The fact is, if 12306 website is a reliable, complete functions, and can be convenient for platform, no one will use third-party plug-ins. But the website has all kinds of loopholes and also bad to use, nearly half of China’s Internet users to buy train tickets is through a third party service. The services (these services do not include direct selling train tickets, they are designed to offer 12306 nets of ticket buyers more concise and convenient user experience) even if the leakage data from third-party plug-in, which is 12306 website’s mistake, the bad websites have forced many users in the ticket they preferred these plug-ins.

as a platform for electronic tickets, no one can deny that 12306 website is disgusting. But the problem is too easy to solve! China has a large number of Internet companies, they have construction can withstand the huge traffic platform for the online shopping experience. I have no doubt that companies like alibaba or jingdong ability to create a safer, more stable, more convenient platform for the train ticket sales, may be in a very short time to complete this task.

I’m not the first person to have such a request. Reportedly 12306 web site at the beginning of the established, to seek the aid of electronic business partners, in spite of this, cooperation and no implementation. But late for cooperation is better than none, and ticket buyers information leak or not the direct result of 12306 sites, the Chinese government must recognize the site itself is flawed. Although the government spend nearly $100 million to build the platform. In the past three years, 12306 network to offer users the exotic flower of bad services, so that nearly half of all customers by means of third-party plug-ins or application to complete its net trading in 12306.

consult any reasonable standard, the design of the 12306 sites are a failure, if not its monopoly in China one of the most popular “product” of rights, 12306 web sites would have failed. The Chinese government cannot quickly complete private ownership reform on ticket sales, but at least they can hire alibaba or Beijing east and redesigned 12306 sites, to create a real can meet the demand of users, rather than forcing users to turn to “suspicious” third-party plug-ins as a solution.

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