Mature, on-demand services will make most of our “temporary”

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the past few years, such as Uber and TaskRabbit Shared economic class of the first outbreak of start-up companies, these companies have actually play the role of the middleman. These companies don’t hire people with the passengers around the city or to strangers installed in ikea furniture. Their online platform only want to provide this service, and to pay for this service. As a result, Uber and TaskRabbit such company, it is not necessary to also won’t pay like normal company pay most of the profit of full-time employees. Don’t expect more Uber’s “casual” be able to get health insurance, lowest life margin, or even a steady job.

about this model, the only consolation is Uber company actually affects only those few time workers, they can easily collocation and individual customers, such as taxi drivers or odd jobs. And those who work hard in a big company, it has not been Uber mode interference.

however, the situation has changed. In the past year or two, a small number of start-up companies have begun to help the scattered living in the big companies looking for workers to complete. A company called Zaarly, in its turn your attention to focus on small odd jobs before hiring areas, once put more energy on traditional Shared economic areas. TaskRabbit has also started to cater to the business.

although the efforts are each are not identical, the basic pattern is the big company is easy to find outsourcing services. If this model became popular, most companies might one day only employ a few full-time employees. With the increase of the outsourcing service demand, freelancers will play a very important auxiliary business effect.

maybe, Now popular “on-demand workers” the biggest ambition is a startup called Wonolo (local real-time Work of the company), (Wonolo is the abbreviation of the Work, Now and Locally), which means that the big company, the recruitment list posted on the Internet platform, in the same way to those who need a cleaner recruitment also released to TaskRabbit web site. After the recruitment post, one of the users (as Wonoloers, the program will review) after a few minutes or several hours, you can apply for the job and reporting for work. Assumptions, an online retailer suddenly realized he shortage of the several logistics assembly worker, so he just need to put the corresponding work recruitment advertising to Wonolo web site, you’ll find him in the need of labor.

Wonolo co-founder, Yong Kim and AJ Brustein, with unconventional way to realize their career, at least is an innovative company. Last year, the Coca-Cola company to choose their company as “founder” project, designed to allow two entrepreneurs into Coca-Cola branches all over the world. The Coca-Cola company gave Kim and Brustein some money, as well as the management of facilities and administrative personnel. All requirement is: in return, they create a company to help the Coca-Cola company to solve the problem.

Kim and Brustein spent a couple of weeks, trying to find out the possible problems. Kim told me, “we sat down on the San Francisco office, staring at the wall.” But when they work together with the company’s operations team, when they noticed a repeat: the theme of the company in urgent need some temporary workers to complete a task (for example, clean up the shelves in the store), people are always short.

fast up the vacancy of the hidden danger is almost impossible. “If they had planned to these requirements, they may be on Craigslist,… Or temporary agency telephone contact, they have three days notice. But, if I need two people to help me today or tomorrow, there is no way to find the person of this two jobs. Thus was born the Wonolo. During its short existence, this application not only help the Coca-Cola company (produced two experimental projects), but also solves the dozens of other electronics retailer, the guesthouse, the customer service center of similar trouble.

so, what we should think of Wonolo? Current by the Coca-Cola company and similar companies to hire the hourly workers, should be like many taxi drivers see Uber, to view Wonolo?

I think it’s a bit extreme. Actually, Wonolo provided to the workers some real benefits – some Uber and TaskRabbit, some did not. Like those of other services, for example, Wonolo provide to those who don’t have a job or already unemployed workers, and has a reasonably stable source of income, which is in the world at this time of economic recession, after social did not provide the majority of material treatment.. Kim said he and Brustein expected users mostly aged 17 to 20, implementation is that most of the “applicant” is a housewife. Although they is very busy, but children can often take shuttle between several hours to act as temporary workers.

unlike Uber, wonolo also give people an opportunity to a full-time, with the full protection and benefits. Kim said, “these people, a lot of people can’t even get a job interview opportunity.”. But with the help of Wonolo, company may hire a temporary, soon to do a non continuous work. During this period, the worker can get a chance to show them. (Kim did not say those from Wonolo gradually made the number of people achieve stable employment, but the ratio should be not more than 50%.)

salary payment proportion should be Wonolo able to “stand out” another competitive advantage. Under normal circumstances, the use of this on-demand service applications looking for a job, you must submit a copy of you want to pay. Going to look for a person to clean the house owner probably received many bids, and pick out a the cheapest one. But in Wonolo without the bid. The demand side (company) post recruitment ads, and attached are willing to pay the compensation amount (there is no bidding), then Wonolo applicants to decide whether to accept the job. For those who are in a hurry to find temporary workers, they are more concerned with finding the right person the task to be accomplished both in quality and quantity, and for temporary workers compensation price is not too be deeply grateful. After all, most casual nor lion big openings.

Wonolo does not provide workers compensation insurance, in case of unexpected circumstances, Wonolo service contract terms also hinted that they absolutely can’t be from an employer, for temporary workers to fight for a certain amount of compensation.

in the same way, Wonolo applicants don’t completely have bargaining power. Kim acknowledged that, at present, they were in a state of “supply”, is to work less, more candidates. “Our work supply rate is now 90%, no matter what time the company posted a position, in a few seconds or minutes, will soon be filled.” If I had to use a words description of the entire Shared economic fairness, so “across the self-realization population in the 21st century and 19 century between unemployment reserve on the economic model of” statement should be the most appropriate.

although they have good intentions, founder of Kim and Brustein wishes are very clear. If a platform like Wonolo became popular, many companies will start to adjust their entire workforce to make full use of them. As Susan Houseman, Upjohn institute of labor economics expert points out, from a historical perspective, the company set up his own staff management agencies to handle labor peak burden; Supermarkets and department stores to maintain adequate number of undocumented workers, to cope with the daily busy activities; Factory to seize their labor pool, to cope with the peak of production. The downside is that the company came in a peak period of non-production personnel in surplus. The good side is their employees get a stable job and income.

however, in recent years, many companies, to work out what time will reach the peak demand, and to the peak of the staff, it has become more and more complex. Houseman said. “we’ve seen about retailers, hotels, that type of commercial calculation method, scheduling algorithms, really can cause a short-term and a variety of work.” And the application of like Wonolo will only accelerate the processing speed of this process. Kim told me that some of his early customers is a hotel chain, “when you check-in, the room is not ready to, because the finishing room has yet to start.” Some e-commerce company, they “ups and downs to handle their task needs constantly change.”

a like Wonolo application, can achieve the scale in the company in the United States is limited. Kim emphasized the Wonolo is just put those less demand for training, have unified inspection standard work and service providers. He said: “if I want someone to help me build a website, based on different taste and experience the results may be entirely different.”

he and Brustein do have expanded ambitions – including nursing (after natural disasters in the hospital health) and law (3 proofreading to legal documents) in the morning, the field of white-collar workers. Why the same application will not be able to send the employer and the employees to do more mental demand link? A call HourlyNerd website, this site helps companies to hire the master of business administration (MBA), use TaskRabbit model to do the work of discontinuous. It is not hard to imagine that kind of platform in the future one day how to affect millions of people.

if that came true at last, the effect will be to transfer risk to the workers, according to Houseman, “make the job more unsafe, even more unstable” – especially for those who have very low skilled workers, they only rarely use value. Maybe they can call this “transfer economy” instead.

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