MARS Internet business innovation competition started

organized by the matador at the time the media (DoNews), jointly organized by Beijing mobile silicon valley, di kai investment, 25 of investment and financing institutions strategic cooperation in 2014 Internet startup marks – MARS Internet innovation entrepreneurship competition) (hereinafter referred to as the MARS competition launched in Beijing.

during the competition, the matador at the time the media will provide more service and support for entrepreneurs. At the same time, as competition in conjunction with Beijing mobile silicon valley will be a series of encouraging policies, provide industrial support for start-up companies and team, support science and technology innovation, talent support, financial capital support and preferential policies more minutes.

in addition, competition organizing committee invited from e-town investment, VC, sequoia capital, saif, IDG, the school, fosun, co-win, zheshang venture capital, YunQi venture capital and STAR, qiming, ficus altissima VC partner and chief investment officer of investment and financing institutions, such as competition jury, provide professional business guidance, capital support for breakthrough projects and team.

MARS contest entrants, preliminary audition, preliminary and final four main stages. From today entrepreneurs may be entered by MARS competition website and submitted online business plan. At the same time, through the MARS tournament official weibo, DoNews official micro letter and cooperated network business channel competition can be register and format. this contest hunting cloud network as a media cooperation, also will pay attention to the project team, timely reporting of valuable information.

event arrangement:

11.18 12.11 registration period

12.15 preliminary results were released12.17 12.18 preliminary

12.23 the finals



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