Makeup artist union, users and professional makeup girl online communication platform

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the recent continuous hot beauty makeup products, new product beauty makeup media community “makeup artist union” is launched in the near future, with beauty, beauty makeup, maccha beauty makeup and other beauty makeup of the community’s effect and micro video is different: makeup artist union of community service is by gathering make-up artists, stylists and other well-known beauty makeup division to service for ordinary users. Founder Liu Junjiang tell hunting cloud network they hope that through the integration of professional beauty makeup division, set up beauty makeup online community, want to be a professional beauty makeup the community media platform.

Liu Junjiang said, “before the creation of makeup artist union, I served as a fashion designer community product. Have a chance to chat with friends, let me do it sprouted a makeup artist community’s thinking. Makeup artist union began in October 2013 in micro letter platform operation, the original is based on vertical beauty makeup, makeup modelling division as the main body of social media is established. Website was started in April 2014 closed, officially launched in August.

makeup artist union of users is a makeup artist and beauty makeup, of course, there are women users, beauty makeup enthusiasts. Makeup artist union currently has more than ten thousand makeup artist resources, community covers colour makeup, hair, nail and dress collocation knowledge question and answer, for ordinary users to provide a service platform to communicate with professional makeup. In the media platforms provide beauty makeup industry at home and abroad the latest dynamic, can let makeup artist who grasps beauty makeup the fashion trend and recruitment information, between makeup girl also can learn from each other.

the other makeup artist union provides accreditation for make-up and beauty makeup institutions channel, submit an application must be true identity authentication, after the review meeting to offline. Liu Junjiang said that as of September 2014, the website has 100 offline beauty makeup the agency to obtain certification, through the identity authentication of makeup girl nearly 300. At present, the makeup artist union has with offline famous beauty makeup service agencies and a number of beauty makeup industry, a senior adviser to achieve strategic cooperation.

makeup artist alliance founder Liu Junjiang xu feng was graduate from dong hua university MBA, in ACCENTURE, Ubisoft, hedge funds in the technology and management work, has 6 years experience in technology and management. Other team members are from huawei, the Chinese academy of sciences institute, etc.

makeup artist union recently held the online activities of the most beautiful bride got involved in hundreds of makeup artist, produced many excellent works. Makeup artist alliance founder Liu Junjiang tell hunting cloud network: November will guide line beauty makeup class for APP, is now in the adjustment of the test. And website can open beauty makeup O2O services: beauty makeup, as a whole, a makeup artist union finally want to through the media + community guide in final booking service and beauty makeup, to complete its business model.

according to CNNIC, at present our country female APP users up to 270 million. There are seven in every 10 young female cosmetic requirements. China is the world’s third largest after the United States and Japan cosmetics sales market, cosmetics consumption space and potential has been increasing. Beauty beauty makeup industry is becoming the real estate, automobile, electronic communications, the fifth largest after traveling consumption hot spots. Liu Junjiang think women vertical beauty makeup community and beauty makeup O2O service in the future there will be a big development space.

makeup artist union
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