Make time machine: how long can the child non-mainstream system

cloud network hunting on September 22 (text/teng tree g)

back to watch the first mobile phone, or for resident in high school, my parents took me to kill to mobile hall, then choose for me the amazing big nokia QD soil terrapin beside the practical 6030.

although most smart play a tank battle, the university entrance exam offer volunteer when his girlfriend or with MOTOROLA c118 ran to my home every day, and then finally to in front of the school as lovers machine with me. But in another place after breaking up, dad was eliminated down his philips 968 to me, let me from now on the road of flagship model users.

and feel cute all the time.

overtake machines over the years, is a market buys it show the crunching, part say to share – SONY Ericsson p1i, nokia 5700, asus p320, meizu M8 open beta (in upgrading of repairing the upgrade the SE version), nokia N97, apple ipod touch pseudo three with the apple peel, nokia device, MOTOROLA milestone milestone and back flip (backflip one black one white two), 8900, the palm pre plus blackberry, HTC mini5 x9500shift, the blackberry 9630, dell, samsung s8500, HTC mondrian, samsung p1000, HP pre3 & amp; The touchpad, apple granted, HTC radar and G16 chacha, LG glasses-free 3 d p920, blackberry Z10 & amp; The playbook, nokia N8 & amp; The N9 & amp; The company in 920, samsung note 10.1, apple 5 c and the current main machine samsung s4 zoom c101.

careful everybody know while see, here is basically covers the major mainstream smartphone system – UIQ, sybian OS v3, Windows mobile, Windows ce, sybian OS v5, ios, maemo, android generations, BB OS, palm OS, bada, wp7, wp8, webOS, QNX, bb10, sybian 3, meego& Sailfish& Firefox and ubuntu touch. Plus 968 Linux, arguably, those days are all full of memories. Especially our generation, a good time to catch up with the outbreak of personality, and no matter how small the manufacturer and machine have honeymoon.

I sat in the sunset, watching the sunrise resurrection and fading of the sky

however, today the plank brick machine in the sea, with pleasure has gradually away from us, as we have a generation of “old boy” lost youth, and everywhere happy quarrel seemed to have basic crowd out, be thought will flash if enthusiasts machine first fun of friends. The causes and consequences of this is the manufacturer.

often crash of millet and meizu, plus with a “serious” hammer of the old, still have to calculate the once huawei, known as the leading apple samsung a year, and to laugh at apple to travel some hype his samsung and nokia, there is always a little bit like samsung, the doctor’s LG… MOTOROLA, SONY Ericsson and nokia’s big three are fell down, after we have is the “big quarrel era”.

(but its wonderful degree and pirates Wang Lufei era of “big navigation” no better than).

we kids didn’t pleasure, even if the phone back cover can be such a

well, if it looks good


well, seem to meow ok


well, the night with extended

and the

well, it seems that there is a little excited

but the front panel are almost all such

don’t ask me the brand, ha ha, you are a good person

so in this holiday I just military training a good sister asked me to recommend a phone, my pseudo professional small universe and restlessness, but didn’t find the character of mobile phone with a circle, finally can only give she bought a vase z10 fruit. The days were filled with guilt, I also received her son wind of popularity of mobile phones in school quite good news, at that time felt the money her son and said all poor, I can’t help but want to ask, today, the crudeness of smartphones and upheaval is far away from us, non-mainstream niche machine can continue how long the children…

server configuration and a lot of estimates of the number of machines have not also can’t and in relation to “children” two words, with which we can make a preheating and also worth a try?

under the consent of my sister, the average person I don’t tell him the information Shared with everybody, many things, friends will see together with.

……………………………………………………………… A delicious separator…………………………………………

is the system in the first place.

BB10.3 and wp8.1 are now very awkward models, says public not small, niche is not popular…

a good BB10.3 have to survive with the method of the Dalvik virtual machine compatible android, but today his android is already on a path to ART in the era of 4.4, leaving room for other various simulators compatible with the apk and then less and less. Although I personally very much looking forward to a passport, but is still with a hint of sadness.

with the blackberry is love

Microsoft side, because really don’t pick on hardware, after using a wp8 really do not have much interest in changing another wp8.1, is this advantage or death… Smooth the way, the original reservation on September 9 die wp7.8 was officially prolong life for a month, although I don’t know where is the meaning, but really a bit speechless.

the atavistic metro interface is said to be more in the PC in win9 upgrade rt age and return to the mouse, I have to more speechless. If want to pseudo niche, the nokia 1020 is worth a try.

The myth of the

4100, 4100’s successor,

system on niche to almost only geeks and die-hard may welcome I’m afraid I left jolla ZhuoLan sailfish a is late. Tisen and firefox into filled eyes, testing the waters of products should we buy it is not sincere enough. If you ask me why not to mention the ubuntu touch, I can only say that the pure lineage pattern isn’t out of (on) the (city). And level of Jolla is geek, then compared with the N9 former partner complex or tedious operation, ecosystem is very poor, even the basic flow of software such as calendar calculator and so on all have to use mobile phones to download, and at the beginning the suspense of stunt “the other half” is still do not have what essence of jing… It is not easy to want to say love you…

shining brilliantly clever UI

marginal system for away from WeChat again we can’t live, is really ha ha, sorry, sorry ah (please imagine himself jinan accent).

second, appearance.

to say industrial design level, think that year’s big MOTOROLA and SONY Ericsson and nokia are landmark predecessors, but now already. Today when the main machine can jing (qi), yan (pa) machine has a few department is highly appreciation and recognition, but don’t know why it is difficult to in the domestic home?

the first is nec N05e. Configuration is just enough, but the shape is handsome than predecessors kyocera double screen telecom a lot, but also optimize the double screen plate is much better than previous SONY, under the framework of the android a core is responsible for the underlying driver a core garbage collection can still guarantee under the logic of everyday applications.

Is there a


here are alternative double screen machine from Russia yotaphone second generation, are two mans ink screen and amoled technology feels dye-in-the-wood. In fact, as early as before the yotaphone generation, hanwang also try water T61 dual-screen ebook multimedia terminal, and before long the MOTOROLA F3 ink screen mobile phone I am not talkative.

don’t know if your food. If we can solve the kindle paper white and mobile phones to dominate the double pocket out embarrassing?

it look to you

again here is soft/hard/accessories crossover.

have to mention has been very naughty samsung in cross-border beam projection and zoom optical zoom series to make a beneficial attempt to consciously skip note series because you know the reason. Then turn this breakthrough in light also have another kind of thinking out of SONY solution artifacts QX10, QX100 and subsequent external camera series.

Suction eye

here and then we can also look very beautiful is very beautiful jolla “the other half” reserved position, the shrine of the dead too early, by the way of MOTOROLA’s webtop and palm or HP webos and openwebos or LG not feed.

it is said that there are subsequent, more flattering

the last one I left you once all the way to a n experienced person with attitude. Is that these can spend raspberries pie to play out of the senior players, the code still cleave to farmers in the reality of the way, way, the HTC HD2, nokia device, meizu M8 & amp; MX3, HTC x9500, nokia N9 and the HP touchpad, and so on machine legends written not old flash. They flash and now the flash is not entirely a dimensional madness. Here, again, please allow to watch on behalf of my individual, salute to those not demonic survival of folk master – you are never old boy, is walking in the reinforced concrete forest has been playing flying machine, not old legend of dreams.

our generation

how long can we play machine career? We are the answer to the question and the premise, is the main niche and minority, is the so-called curtilage the causes and consequences of technology, is the old man son in Zhang Jiangnan and urchin.

non-mainstream niche can still children how long, how long can we still messing.


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