Make: main “positive energy” social networking platform

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in APP increasingly frequent, social networking platform has already been flooded today, benign social platform is more desirable. Today hunting cloud network to introduce the social software “make” in a social platform of mutual help spread positive energy.

make make culture communication co., LTD., foshan city, is its product. Founder and CEO Chen Xiaoshi has rich experience in network marketing, proficient in electric business platform building and operation, marketing management. Co-founder of the jin bin is rich entrepreneurial experience, good at the human resources, marketing, etc.

make in his event as the breakthrough point, in helping each other as the core of benign social platform. In make, you can find in need of help people and things around me anytime and anywhere, and other users online real-time communication, communication and sharing. At the same time, also make public welfare institutions, schools, and the team cooperation, volunteer group, the user group of resource offline integration, users make like-minded friends.

“squeak” on the one hand will itself as a vertical social media, on the other hand, make is also committed to fun social events, all you have to solve the problem and the present state and trusted friends to share, images and text, increased the benign social fun. Founder Chen Xiaoshi told hunting cloud network, make more want to do or a loving people from all walks of life to communicate with each other communication platform, with the major social public welfare institutions, each big business, and even the government agency that there will be a lot of users, to meet the demands of the market and guide the spiritual civilization of social culture.

at the same time, make make the housekeeper can also has some bad information of individual users in the platform, warned that manage.

than WeChat acquaintance social, social Momo of strangers, no secret anonymous social. Make social events for strangers to form a stranger gathered up the micro ring due to help each other. Make the operation mode of the SOLOMO + O2O as the core, Chen Xiaoshi tell hunting cloud network, when users reach a certain amount, will make through advertising, member value-added services, mobile game, make horde merchants alliance channels, such as perfecting their business model. Will also make public platform and make business school established, docking with the merchants, to bring more convenience for the user.

make flat since November 18 android version is launched, early has accumulated more than 5000 users, ios version also officially launched on December 5. The next stage, mainly online and offline activities combined with fast absorption initial user groups. The near future, will make for the first round of financing. ?


company: foshan make culture communication co., LTD.


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