Make: into contemporary artists in face of the APP


“tedo tickle” was the first to blend in contemporary artists player to role play and in face of innovative mobile APP, inspired by the face of this June, July, began planning, officially launched in October. Enter, tease, cut face after entering the scene, the user can click on the all kinds of interesting and change, such as the west, three kingdoms, costume, modern, photo studio, poker exaggeration of modelling of each model. At the same time, also provides many people play modes for players and play together. In multiplayer mode, can be funny classmates, friends, family, colleagues, and their favorite male god goddess. All the characters in the scene, clothing, props can be arbitrary zoom in, and rotate 360 degrees or so.

IP resource make use of the art, the world-class excellent contemporary artists elements (IP) into the player to role play and in face of social, entertainment, mobile game in creative and cultural consumption. These artists have Du Xi, brush, etc.

on the establishment of the business model, make is mainly composed of four dimensions: make 3 d printing museum, customize personal image dolls; Tiger sports playgrounds in China, and China’s tiger partners, China tiger doudizhu game development, integrated into the delicate and beautiful artist elements, conception to build the Chinese version of “monument valley”; Offline activities “, make photo studio “, participate in the Shanghai creative bazaar 2 ~ 4/month, increase the interaction with fans, at the same time will be fair organizers held each big theme bazaar, form “tease” brand effect; Book APP that makes the figure forms the input method.

founder Xu Xian, stir technology co., LTD., chairman of Shanghai, jiaotong university master of finance, financial analysts, registered in China contemporary art collectors, entrepreneurs. She told hunting cloud network: “to make a simple summary is: IP resources, gather the best art design partnership of the best professional team, the output of various types of products, such as mobile game, cartoon, 3 d reality print, creative design products, such as electricity, to make the art of arts IP resources, from the fun, interesting, the only, richness, and subsequent diversification development. “at present, stir in October with ali is a lake in the south fund investment. Are entering PRO – A financing (financing 3 million RMB, transfer 5%). The

, make
Company: Shanghai stir technology co., LTD.

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